America has begun to resemble the game, Monopoly. The reason I say this is, when one or two players have all money and property, they are declared the winner. Under the republican parties messing with our economy and lives, we are pretty much at the end of the game, although no winner has been declared yet.

Just think, only in America in 2019 where a child's lunch debt is a real thing. Only in America in 2019 is a fully employed workers have to live in the cars or Recreational vehicles. Only in America in 2019, do you find a dying cancer patient having to beg for help on a "go fund me" page. Only in America in 2019 does It seem that we have become a non-caring society. It seems that the new world order that the Republicans has planned for us is not all that great.

President Trump likes to lull you to sleep by saying "we have the greatest economy in the history of this country". President trump has made this claim more than 40 times over the years. But in reality the economy has been lower than 3.9 percent for much of 1951, 1952 and 1953. My hope is, this is one of the major factors in the disenchantment with the Republican party. There is now an entire generation that has seen capitalism, true colors, its NOT working for them. The younger generation is now pretty much immune, from the right wing "socialist" hysteria. I grew up in an era where ONE parent with a good UNION job, could support a family comfortably. Most union jobs had security, health insurance and a pension. It’s not like in today’s environment, most people today are growing up in a two income family and have seen their parents suffer through job insecurities, a low paying jobs without benefits and a bleak future of either spouse in low paying work. Feeling helpless. Some are taking a chance on accumulating tens of thousands of "student loan" debt for the chance of getting a marginally higher paying job with no job security. America has become a don't think about it type of society, for those that can afford it, it has become a self gratification society. An analogy that is appropriate is, today in America, you can hear a rich kid say to a friend, guess what, today I am going out and buy a fast speed boat, but for the young 18-25 year old's, they say to a friend, Lets celebrate, lets go to DQ, I'm buying the $5.00 real meal deal, for you and me. Trump is just the crudely-drawn, blindingly obvious, cartoon version of Americas underbelly society with Republicans

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Week after week. spreading fear that the sky is falling. Everything is so bad. Are you employed by the media? Put some clothes on and step outside. its not as bad as you, the Democrats and the media make it out to be. I guess it will give you purpose in life. you can whine for another four years when he is reelected.

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