Great News everyone, Koch foods is holding a job fair this coming weekend for poultry workers. You remember Koch foods were recently in the news for being an employer of illegal immigrants. Most of the networks said that Charles Koch, the multi-billionaire “Republican donation” fame was not connected with Koch foods. That is partially true, Fred Koch started, Koch food, He sold it to Joseph Grendys in 1992, and Grendys made himself a billionaire in 20 some years. He went into the chicken processing business, Koch foods co-partnered with Petco farms Inc, who own the physical plant in Mississippi. Koch foods ran the plants that were raided by ICE last week. These plants supply chicken parts to Walmart and Burger King, to name two well know customers.

Just so you are aware, Last August, Illinois-based poultry supplier Koch Foods settled a long drawn out, multi-year lawsuit brought on behalf of more than 100 workers at the Morton, Mississippi, plant over claims the company knew, or should have known, of sexual and physical assaults against its Hispanic workers in the plants. In fact the company settled last year, paying $3.75 million and entering a three-year consent decree to prevent future violations for a 2008 lawsuit. After the lawsuit was lost, Koch foods management threatens to report them to ICE, if it happened again, After the lawsuit was filed, there were reports of workers struggle to cope with the denial of a basic human need. They urinate and defecate while standing on the line; they wear diapers to work; they restrict intake of liquids and fluids to dangerous degrees; they endure pain and discomfort, all the while worried about management threats. The companies resorted to a workers’ fear of retaliation against their employees. This company retaliation could mean punishment ranging up to job loss or even deportation for workers who are undocumented. It is my belief that Koch foods carried out their threats by calling ICE after their latest lawsuit against the company. Because their latest lawsuit is for Pay Discrimination. Koch foods finally followed through with its threats, because A senior immigration official said ICE used confidential informants employed at several of the raided food processing plants to identify managers or supervisors who knew they were hiring undocumented workers. Koch foods don’t care, If workers are being threatened with being turned over to ICE. If ICE comes and arrest workers, illegal immigrant hires would be more reluctant to speak up against workplace abuse. This has been Koch food’s third time caught hiring illegals, the company gets off, It just goes against my grain, these managers at Koch plants get off Scot-free breaking the law and don’t get arrested, Its against the law to hire illegal immigrants in Mississippi.

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