If it be known, some times I like to play mind games with my Republican friends. Many of my friends say, that I any very vindictive when it comes to politics, but in reality, I am more of a retaliatory type of person. Make no doubt about it, I am really-really against Trump, not only on moral issues, but policy issues as well. I listen to all those years of how Michelle was an ape-woman, and her husband was a Dog-Eating Sarong Boy, to name a few of the thousands of name-calling, Republican’s and supporters used. I am not above calling President Trump a few choice names myself, mostly it’s to do the pay-back thing. The real retaliatory idea I have come up with is, MICHELLE OBAMA FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE!!!!

That ought to fry some Republican brains, It sure did when I made mention of it to some of my Republican friends. Do not laugh, as I explain to my friends. Michelle is really over qualified, better than the last beer drinking, sexual predictor that we sat on the high court the last time. If she were nominated, I would tell my friends, she would be an over achiever, great social worker from the bench. She has is a Harvard graduate, A lawyer, and community activist in helping our youth. If by chance, any constitution issues come up, and if she was unsure how to vote on the issues she could always ask advise from Barrack Obama. Former President Obama use to lecture on constitutional law and he was a lawyer himself.

Then my friends say it would never happen, but I counter with, “what if”... Just say that Joe Biden is elected president, everyone knows about the friendship that Joe has with the former President. Wouldn’t it be fitting, that he nominates one of the Obama’s to the Supreme Court? I see my Republican friend get red in the face, I wonder why?

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Richard Dalton II

You seem to forget that Michelle's license to practice law was taken away from her. Just Like Bill's, hills, and Barack himself. When other lawyers disbarr you you are hardly qualified to be a judge at a dog show. But then, there is Wayne's logic to consider.

Richard Dalton II

I can hardly wait to hear you defend Comey next Tuesday. I'm sure that you'll say Trump set him up somehow.


Age post my blog to late to answer,,

Richard Dalton II

Lousy excuse.

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