This is my take on why teachers are leaving that occupation, even though they love it. A lot of school-board members and the public are saying, that kids have changed, Don't you realize it's not the kids? Get over yourself, parenting and society have changed. Don't you get it, kids are kids and just an innocent bystander, to the whims of an adult society. Today's kids have to put up with parents working crazy hours, a babysitter/daycare co-parenting type of situation. These so -called caring administrators and parents, are just leaving a child to an unstable environment like Facebook, twitter and fake media and tribe mentality. Kids can't read social behavior or conduct themselves appropriately in social settings anymore. Then as parents, we are going to give the excuse that the KIDS have changed? outlandish! Teachers in our classrooms are the first place some kids have ever heard "no", or have been given boundaries, shown love through respect.

Like it or not, a teacher, physical and mental health is tested every single day. Believe me when I say, There are plenty of teachers out there begging support from the administration and the public. It is a blaring fact, teachers know all about your child's needs and they deserve more support. In reality, the parents and the administration are giving the teacher less and less support. There are now, classrooms with multiple languages spoken, several different disabilities to contend with, that is now the teacher's lot.

I CAN FEEL THE TEACHERS FRUSTRATION: I can feel the teacher's frustration, when I watch a show like the Jimmy Kimmel show, admittedly I have laughed at “the man in the street” segment. I have seen his reporter go to college campuses and ask some very simple question about history, current events and questions an elementary school student should know. The college student gives a completely wrong answer, an “I don’t know” answer. The audience laugh’s, I even laugh, but the poor teacher, who had these students in class are not laughing, I bet.

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Richard Dalton II

You actually use "The Man Show's" expert as one of your sources? tisk,tisk....

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