I think everyone realizes that my opposition to Trump started out with his sexcapades and now it includes his political antics. It is not about me, being a Democrat, It's about American citizens being decent human beings, it's about giving up the ways of a bigoted nation, and endorsing a disgusting person, namely Donald Trump. My dad had a name that he use for people like Trump, He called them by an appropriate name, "Shyster". If you have not heard of the word SHYSTER, it means someone who is untrustworthy, money grabbing and full of baloney. As a Marine veteran, I feel Trump has brought our people and our COUNTRY to such a low level of what democracy means. This is not the great Country, that myself and other veterans served to protect. Let us return to Science, Intelligence and compassion.

So far during his presidency Trump just doesn't show any concern for anyone except his inner circle of friends. Trump surely doesn't have a moral compass. I do not care what the charlatan evangelical Christians say, about Trumps being the second coming. To think he sells his brand as “Christian” and Trump supporters buy it, is unbelievable! I really do believe he would throw his own family under the bus in a second if it benefited him in anyway.

That said, his foreign policies are so haywire, namely his hand holding with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. He praises Jong-un even while Jong-un deceives and breaks sanction's placed on them, all the time. Mainly North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and their being labeled a terrorist state since 1988. Then his misguided ‘self importance and high financial IQ” self worth, starting the tariff war with China, his philosophy is always, to kiss the leader and stab them in the back. Trump placed his first tariffs on Chinese goods, and the Chinese reciprocates by placing tariffs on United States products, Trump and company have to use socialist methods to bail out farmers. Because the Chinese are now trading farm products with other nations, the United States will never see its full return of market share. Trump decides to double down and announces new tariffs against China, starting in Sept. 2019. Oh my Goodness, merchants go into a frenzy and Trump delays the tariff until late December to allow merchants to add to their inventory, before the tariffs go into effect. China announced that they are going ahead with retaliatory tariffs on Sept. 1, 2019 anyway.

It isn’t about loving America or MAGA with Trump supporters, its come to the sad fact that: Trump supporters love their own opinions because they love themselves. If those opinions conflict with the facts? They will choose their own opinions first. They could either admit to themselves that they weren't as smart as they thought they were, or they could maintain that the group actually lived up to its billing of MAGA and cleaning the swamp. They overlook that the trump administration has had many indictments and convictions and he isn’t that religious, unless golf is a form of religion.

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Richard Dalton II

At least he didn't hang out with Epstien like a bunch of your heros.


Are you kidding me or clueless, I see pictures of him googling over the young girls at party, Trump was in 7th heavven

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