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Push to the limit

Everyone who has read my letters to the editor knows how “I am against the Republican party.” But the truth is, it just came to a head under the Trump reign.

1. The Republican’s refusal of Obama’s supreme court pick, but they violated that premise with a quick pick for Trump.

2. They made a shambles of the filibuster rules.

3. Allowing President Trump’s investigating his political rivals without any merit, while Trump’s administration has seen many convictions. Americans used to believe a president should have good integrity and morals. That’s how we did things here in America. No previous president has publicly talked about political rivals in such a derogatory way as our president has. Years past, presidents had “the understanding that competing parties accept one another as legitimate rivals,” not some scumbag opponent.

Democracy is in trouble whenever one party regards the other as fundamentally treasonous and then uses that opinion to justify pushing the powers to their constitutional limits. Long term, both parties need to figure out how to strengthen the norms of forbearance and tolerance of what is a democracy, which was in trouble long before Trump arrived on the scene.

Many believe that America must get a stronger hold on democracy, including me. Some ways to do this in my opinion, is improve oversight of presidential pardons, outlaw self-enrichment by a president, strengthen election laws to clarify that foreign assistance is illegal and make it harder to fire inspectors general. That’s a start for the first six months in office of a new president.

Wayne Halverson, Aitkin


I’m just writing to say I was impressed by the Dec. 30 column by Kathy Robb about Kanye West’s presidential run. Very thoughtful and well-expressed!

Mary MacArthur, Aitkin

Election fraud

This has been the most fraudulent election in our history.

We should want a fair and legal election no matter what party you belong to. Over 1,000 signed affidavits and not all Republicans, testifying the cheating they saw or heard. These are true patriots, unlike Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters, whistle blower, that would not come forward or sign a legal affidavit. Also, thousands of duplicate votes, people who voted in states they do not live in. Precincts that had more votes than registered voters, stopping counting the votes telling Republican observers to come back in the morning to continue, while some stayed and pulled boxes and boxes of ballots out and kept counting while no Republican observers were there. President Trump had a massive lead but when they came back to continue, Joe Biden had a narrow lead. All the ballots that signatures were not verified, all the ballots marked with Sharpies, all the ballots that were just marked off for Biden and no other elected officials. How many people vote for just the president and no other boxes checked for any of the other offices?

Voting machines that can be hacked. All the dead people who voted for Biden, boarding up windows so Republican observers could not watch. I know of a small sample of voters who went in to vote and were told that they already voted (they had not), so their vote was invalid.

Remember how Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats would pick up 15 more House seats? The last I heard, Republicans gained 11-12 (maybe) House seats.  Nobody will ever convince me that Joe Biden got 80 million votes, that’s more than Obama got either time he won! Who sets the rules for the election? A state’s congress does, not lawyers and governors. The Constitution does not allow mail-in ballots or counting late ballots (three-five days later).

We should allow audits in all contested states of ballots and Dominion voting machines before we swear in anyone for president.

I am like all of you and want every legal vote counted. The Democrats used the “pandemic” to change the rules to their liking. Mail-in voting leaves the door wide open to fraudulent votes and cheating. Having voting drop boxes out where you don’t know how many harvested ballots were dropped in. If everyone, including myself wants a fair election, a lot needs to change, like picture ID, driver’s license proof of who you are, to get one ballot. I am starting to think our country is no better than foreign countries like Venezuela, Iran and Syria, known to cheat at their elections.

President Trump, don’t concede. You don’t need to when you won!

Steve Wold, Aitkin

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