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#1 for veterans

As we remember and honor our nation’s veterans, I thought I would share one statistic with you.

Aitkin County has the highest percentage of veterans of all counties in Minnesota by population - 10.6% served and still living.

FYI, Cook County was #35 - 7.0% and Crow Wing #7 - 8.7%. Hennepin and Ramsey didn’t make the list.

If you see a vet, thank them for serving our country and the freedom of many nations!

Aitkin County #1 - percent of residents that are veterans: 10.6% (1,399 veterans). Veterans by war: World War II, 74; Korean War, 187; Vietnam era, 829; Gulf War (8/1990 to 8/2001), 191; Gulf War (9/2001 or later), 118.

Jeff Running, CEO/CFO Security State Bank of Aitkin

Louduen County, $450,000, C02 and more

Louduen County, Virginia, scheduled a school board meeting. CRT would be discussed.

A 15-year-old boy wearing a dress had raped a 14-year-old girl in school, but the incident was covered up. The girl’s father was outraged. He attended the meeting and vociferously condemned the raping of his girl. The school board called the father’s outrage domestic terrorism and phoned the police and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. The father was arrested. The rapist? He was simply transferred to another school where he raped another girl. It again went unreported. When this hit the airwaves, the school had to act. The boy has been accused. The father has already filed a lawsuit.

Garland should have recused himself for reasons of conflict-of-interest. His daughter and son-in-law own Panorama, a business that produces and distributes CRT material, making $millions. Garland heads the justice leg of government and must be independent of the executive and legislative branches. But sadly, he ignores this and is in lock-step with both branches. Tens of thousands of Louduen County students left and are home schooled or opted for charter, private or Catholic schools, because of CRT and unions (mandated masking).

The Biden administration is hiring 87,000 more government employees for the IRS, to snoop in our checking and savings accounts for any transactions of over $600 apparently to tax certain transactions. Biden has come up with a wacky idea. All illegal migrant children separated from their parent(s) would be given $450,000 reparations. But only those from the Trump years. That would amount to $2.3 billion.

Biden refuses to complete Trump’s border wall, but he’s building a wall around his beach house - $450,000 of taxpayer dollars. That is our money. Trump has rolled out a social media platform, untouchable by the dirty tactics of big tech. It is named The Truth Center.

Two weeks ago Biden attended a climate change conference in Scotland to discuss emissions, CO2. He calls the current condition an existential threat to the nation. Our emissions level is the lowest in many years, lower than before the Paris Accord origin years earlier.

Biden arrived at the conference with a caravan of 85 gas guzzling vehicles, along with 400 private jets. Wow! Is that the way to reduce the CO2 level?

And Joe fell asleep and had to be awakened.

Jim Warneke, Aitkin

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