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A nonpartisan view of COVID-19

For the past few months, I have been reading a book about the Eugenics campaign of the 1930s.

This is an over-450-page book describing a very dark period of American history. It’s very difficult to absorb and read for any length of time due to the horrific unbelievable ideology that was propagated by well educated people of science, industry and our government.

Shocking to me was the fact that it was all promoted under the umbrella of “science,” the data that was used to justify categorizing people into groups in order to limit procreation and personal advancement was to me embarrassing. I feel dirty and embarrassed as an American reading about this part of our history.

Let us be very careful as Americans not to fall into this trap of being led by the nose into a belief all under the guise of “science.” Same playbook – different players. Let’s not let history repeat itself.

Pat Becker, Aitkin


I should clarify my statement in my letter in the Nov. 17 edition of the Age.

It is 10.6% of the Aitkin County population who served in the military and are still living.

If you see a vet thank them for serving our country.

Jeff Running, Aitkin

Wisconsin justice

Black Lives Matter vs. White Supremacy. To me, this is what the trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, will indicate the state in, and state of, Wisconsin. The judge in the trial appears highly biased; biased to the point he should never have been appointed as a judge. Judges do matter.

With so much noise and distraction lately, too many seem to have forgotten the basic goals of our democracy.  Some take the ultimate goal to be wealth. Wealth can be used as power. And power abuses those where the power comes from.

But we formed a democracy, one that is evolving, just like any other living thing. The idea was to have a government whose people governed themselves. At the same time, we wanted a government that was fair and equal to all peoples.  We have Catholics, Muslims, Native Americans, atheists and many more. While Catholics strongly oppose abortion, many atheists strongly support the right and freedom for someone to decide for themselves. How do we fit all that into one government?

And under this unique umbrella that tries to protect and make equitable the rights of all, we have many disparate groups.  There are Euro-Americans (whites), Latino, Native, Black, Somali, Vietnamese, and others. To be called the democracy that the founders envisioned we would develop into, no group can have dominion over others.

Sometimes forgotten in the argument over rights, we ignore that for each right, there carries one or more responsibilities and duties.  While each of us has a duty to ourselves, we have an equal or greater duty to the good of the democracy. Like it or not, believe it or not, humans are interdependent, not individual.

I will hope justice comes out of Kenosha.

A. Martin, Merrifield

My perspective only

COVID-19. Why is it going up?

Adult male vaccinated. Adult female not vaccinated.

The male and female work together with others.

The male is scheduled for shoulder surgery.  It has been a long painful wait for this procedure.

Of course, as part of the protocol he has to have a COVID-19 test before surgery. His test came back  positive. Positive without any symptoms.  He had no symptoms at all. Surgery postponed for two months.

So, the vaccine worked or did it?

The male feels healthy, except for the shoulder, that is.

I can’t speak about the female who was possibly the person to  share the virus with her co-worker(s).

So now, the vaccinated person is also spreading the virus without knowing it.

Or are they? I don’t know how it works.

But the only way I see this spread stopping or slowing is by people getting vaccinated so we are all on the same playing field.

I advocate getting vaccinated to help avoid transmitting COVID-19 to others.

I welcome information to prove my perspective wrong. My opinion only,

Penny Olson, McGregor

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