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The Dec. 2 issue of the Aitkin Independent Age had an article about the influx of pipeline workers and the potential strain on health  care resources. Interestingly, I did not see a similar article this spring and summer when our county had a large influx of people coming to their cabins during Governor Walz’s first “Stay Home, Stay Safe” directive or most any weekend throughout the entire summer. Yes, the people coming north may own the cabins, but it is not “their full-time home.” They came bringing the germs with them from outside of our area.

I was in northeast North Dakota when the pipeline workers were in that area. I did not feel threatened or afraid of getting the virus there any more then I do here at home. The area I visited did not have an increase in COVID-19 positive cases as a result of the time pipeline workers were there.

Currently, the workers, like everyone else, are not able to go into restaurants or bars, it’s takeout only in Minnesota! They will be working long hours, possibly going to a grocery store or a laundry mat when they have a day off. They may even bring their home away from home with them as many construction workers, like myself, have a travel trailer/camper to stay in, yes, even in the winter.

I would think anyone who is worried about the economy of Aitkin County and the state of Minnesota would welcome people coming into the area and spending their money at our businesses.

John Chute, Aitkin

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