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First day as president

Biden talked about unity. Then the following:

• He had announced days before he would change immigration. He is putting 11 million illegals on an eight-year track to citizenship. A caravan of 8,000 are already on their way. Many will follow, taking the jobs of our citizens.

• Reentered the Paris Accord. Pollution in the USA is below the requirement four years ago when Trump left the Paris Accord, saving billions per year.

• Impeachment 1. The Democrat House plowed ahead without a crime committed; no Republicans, no discussions. The Senate voted to clear the president..

• Impeachment 2. Much the same except that Trump is now a private citizen and can’t be impeached.

• Biden reentered the WHO. The WHO leans heavily to China’s thinking and we payed $50 million per year.

• Stopped work on the Keystone Pipeline; 11,000 people jobless. We will be forced back to OPEC and  high gas prices.

• The Democrats are trashing the First Amendment.

• The New York Post came out in October with a damning article on son, Hunter Biden’s, nefarious deeds. It was blocked by Twitter, fearing damage in the election.

• Twitter blocked many tweets from Republicans. Yet Iran’s leader has an account and no blocks.

• Sen. Josh Hawley wrote a book on free speech. The publisher rejected it. It could hurt Biden’s election.

• Democrats call the right racists, insurrectionists, criminals.

• All of the above and Biden calls for unity.

• A questionable election. The Democrat Party assembled a group of 600 attorneys, sent out to states to change voting rules and laws in the crucial states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada, days ahead of Election Day. Days added post Election Day and many other rules ultimately passed by secretaries of state and judges. Illegal. That’s done only by the legislature. On TV I saw all manner of cheating, i.e. Republican vote checkers denied access or placed 20 to 80 feet away. In Pennsylvania, I saw a huge tub of ballots, hundreds of thousands, trucked from New York. They quit counting at 10 p.m. and released all the Dems and Republican checkers to resume the next morning. At midnight, the Dems came back and dragged in three large suitcases filled with illegal ballots.

• In Nevada, ballots were sent to everybody early. Votes came in from thousands who had left Nevada and thousands of dead people.

If you want honest, unvarnished news, tune in to Fox News channel.

Jim Warneke, Aitkin

Love the columns

Growing up in Palisade, we also had the Soo Line Depot and train tracks that ran right past our grandparents’ home. My brother and I often stood out in the yard so we could wave to the conductor in the caboose. He always returned our wave.

We “Palisade kids” make it a priority to gather on a Saturday in September at Berglund Park, even as our numbers grow smaller. It’s an opportunity to share fond memories, catch up on life’s events, pray for absent friends and give thanks for our common bonds before our potluck lunch or in the case of COVID-19 time, our sack lunch; only “virtual hugs” as we said goodbye.

Truly, the keeper of our youth sports activities in the weekly column as well as his book, “Well folks,” John’s words were spot on and perhaps now needed by our nation not only for the young people we mentor. I agree with John’s expectation that as adults, we might emulate the “handshake” and acceptance with dignity that our children demonstrate; good sportsmanship is needed and valued in all area of life.

As a “cup half full” person, I am optimistic about our nation’s ability to move forward and lead with the best of intentions. When John Lennon wrote the song, “Imagine,” he was expressing a hope for a peace. His words are still relevant today.

Bonnie Graff, McGregor

What about the national debt?

The spending of the federal government has always been in question. The last 12 years of additional spending is scary. The national debt numbers are hard to comprehend and both parities are to blame.

Obama added $9 trillion to the debt in eight years; Trump added $7 trillion in four years; Biden is on track to add another $4 trillion in the first six months of his term, for a grand total of $20 trillion in 12 years.

The spending problems of the federal government continue as they have for the last 50 plus years and must be placed at the feet of both political parties. We should be able to expect more from our elected officials. I am disappointed in them to say the least.

As for last week’s letters to the editor, Patrica Becker brought to our attention very clearly the “Build Back Better” and “Great Reset” issues. These are issues that are currently on the table and will drastically affect our nation if adopted.

Wayne Halverson leaves me shaking my head and frowning in wonder concerning his letter. With bias, he paints the Republican Party with one wide brush. As far as his comments about Jesus, which would necessarily include Christianity and the principles of the Bible, they totally miss the mark. I hope my comments will spur him on to write about the “virtues” of the Democratic Party rather than to criticize and make false statements about Republicans, Christians and conservatives.

I agree, Trump is not a saint, so I guess I should support and vote for saints like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats. Can hardly wait for the next election.

Dallas Kurt Smith, Aitkin

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