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McGregor Lions making a difference

Over 100 years ago a Chicago businessman, Melvin Jones, called a group of business clubs together in response to social problems created by WWI, thus was the beginning of Lions Clubs. It only took three years to become an international organization with a Lions Club being formed in Windsor, Canada. At that time there were only 23 clubs in the United States and 6,400 members. Lions Clubs International is now the largest international organization in the world with approximately 1.4 million Lions, 47,000 Lions Clubs, in 200-plus countries and regions.

The Lions motto is “We Serve,” and the McGregor Lions have been serving the community for over 50 years in many ways, contributing to the school in a variety of ways throughout the year, supporting the city of McGregor and maintaining the community center, McGregor Area Food Shelf, ANGELS, Rice Lake Wildlife Refuge, Friends of Don Sather, McGregor Youth Bowling Scholarship. The Lions also gives out Christmas vouchers to those in need at Christmas time and support the Salvation Army.

There are also many other organizations that have  been supported, such as: Can-Do-Canines, Lions Diabetes Foundation, Leader Dog, Lions Vision Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association and many more.

Pay it forward and become part of this great organization. For more information on how you can make a difference in the community by becoming a McGregor Lion, call Shirley Scollard, 218-426-3527.

Shirley Scollard, McGregor

Biden at the helm

In just a month he decimated many thousands of jobs. He has issued 44 executive orders. The former three presidents combined had 39. Most of Biden’s were without the required legislative approval.

An executive order directing ICE to release all the illegal immigrants being held, 92% were criminals and they are now again free to commit further crimes.

An executive order directing that the Guantanamo prisoners, including the 9/11 mastermind, get their vaccine shots ahead of American citizens. He is governing by fiat. Last July, he condemned executive orders saying “This is a Democracy. Executive orders are for dictators.” Look at him now.

Numerous members of Biden’s cabinet had, over time, euphemistically crowded into bed with China, our number one adversary. And so has the World Health Organization.  One of Biden’s executive orders commands that we not call the coronavirus “China virus.” Well, China sent it here, apparently. Several months ago, on Tucker Carlsons’ news segment on Fox News channel, a doctor from China appeared. She had escaped and is hiding out. She claims having worked in the very lab from which the virus is believed to have escaped. She offered that she had been working on the development of a virus and its express purpose was to spread it to the United States and Europe.

Defunding the police is ongoing with pressure from the socialist left. Crime, pillaging, property damage and hostility are ramping up exponentially. Add the tens of thousands of illegals coming soon (many with the virus) thanks to Biden’s immigration executive order.

The estimate at this time is that we can expect two million illegals per year. Wow! We currently have 10 million people unemployed. The illegals will steal many jobs from our citizens because they work for less money. The large corporations are eager to hire the illegals.

The revised number of illegals now in the country is 20 to 30 million.

Hunter Biden is under two federal investigations for dealings in China and multiple other countries while his father was vice president. Hunter flew to 29 countries, some with his father on Air Force 2. Were any illicit and taxpayer funded? Joe’s fingerprints are all over this. Three of Joe’s brothers are also involved. Joe and Hunter are compromised. A lot of money is involved – Joe for a quid pro quo (Ukraine) and for accepting money from a foreign country while in office.

Jim Warneke, Aitkin

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