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Bring in Line 3 for the economy

As the legislature and the governor debate what should happen to rebuild our local economy, we see that business at resorts and campgrounds is down by more than 70%.

This is the time of the year when resorts make enough money to make it through the rest of the year. That’s clearly not going to happen this year because of COVID-19.

What they need is a guarantee that there will be people coming to our towns, staying in hotels and resorts, and eating in restaurants.

Nothing being debated by our lawmakers can deliver that. The only sure bet and guarantee we have to bring people and activity back to a big part of Minnesota is the Line 3 project.

It won’t replace a full season of fishing and vacations, but thousands of jobs and $2 billion of money not coming from taxpayers will help and make a difference.

I know there are a lot of big decisions to be made about COVID. Making sure Line 3 moves forward should be one of the easiest to make and it needs to happen.

Mark Jacobson, Bemidji

We deserve answers

Have you ever wanted to change something? Most of us have. The upcoming Crow Wing Power Board elections are coming up and we definitely need some changes there.

There continues to be a lot of questions at CWP. Does the upcoming mining project have individual royalties for anyone? Are there Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) being offered for hush agreements? Why are long term, faithful employees being pushed out? Why are there still parts of the monthly meetings closed to folks, including one board member? Why don’t the minutes have ALL the information from the meetings?

These three folks: Bryan McCulloch, Gary Bakken and Loren Beilke, have promised to get answers. Please vote for them in the upcoming election. You can and should vote in ALL districts, not just yours. Let’s bring honesty, transparency, fiscal responsibility and ACCOUNTABILITY back to Crow Wing Power. For more information go to www.cwpaccountabilitygroup.com

John Ward, Baxter

Our rights

Dear Aitkin County commissioners and Aitkin city mayor and city board members.

When are you going to recognize our rights under the14th amendment and declare that under the suggested guidelines of both the CDC and MDH that all of our businesses may reopen and that Gov. Walz’s executive orders closing such businesses is illegal and no city or county funds will be expended to enforce them?

Charles Olson, Aitkin

Count on it

Have you completed the census yet? If not, now is the time to make a difference. The census counts every person living in the United States, regardless of age or citizenship status. It’s important that we have this data for several reasons.

First, it helps decide how taxpayer dollars come back to the communities we live in.

Second, the funding and supply of resources for our schools, hospitals, roads, emergency services, and much more is based on this data.

Third, it helps to determine congressional and state legislative districts.

And finally, an accurate and complete census helps businesses, community leaders and elected officials make informed decisions about the community we live in.

To complete the census, you can go online to my2020census.gov or call 844-330-2020. Paper copies of the census are currently being mailed out to those who have not completed the census. If you have received a paper copy, you can complete it and mail it back in the return envelope. Here’s your chance to make a difference!

Kari Paulsen, Aitkin

The truth will set us free

I get the feeling from reading some of the letters printed here that there are actually some people out there who do not like President Trump – imagine that!

A. Martin must be one of them. He has repeated a talking point that is unfair. When Bush was president those who did not like him often repeated the talking point, “Bush is dumb.” The talking point for Obama was, “He unites people.” Concerning Trump, the talking point is, “He is a Liar.” Quoting A. Martin, (Letters from our Readers, Age edition, Wednesday, May 13) he said, “Trump is an extreme liar, we all know that.” We do?

So, I went to the internet and did a little research. All one has to do is type in, “Bush lies” and thousands of fact check “lies” come up. Then type in “Obama lies” and thousands of lies, misleading statements and partial truths come up. There is even a book you can buy about the lies President Obama told. Now type in “Trump lies.” And the same happens.

In fact, pick any recent president and you will find that they have all told “lies.” It just seems to be bothersome when it is the president from the opposite side of the aisle you are on that is telling the “lies.” Warning; when you type in “Clinton lies” your computer may begin to vibrate, overheat and spin, also the screen may begin to turn red.

There seems to be “liars” on all sides of the political spectrum. By definition a politician is one who tells people what they believe the listeners want to hear.

The most popular political lies told when politicians are under oath are these three:

1. “I do not remember.”

2. “I do not recall.”

3. “I am not aware of the situation or I have no information about the situation.”

Politicians may “lie” but to say that may be true of one political party and not another is also a “lie.” The very nature of our system is that you only get in trouble if you lie “under oath” which seems to mean that to “lie” and tell “partial truth” at other times is permissible. I think not.

The truth will set us free.

Dallas Smith, Aitkin

Space, the final frontier

Practice social-distancing! Six months ago, we didn’t know the term existed. Now it is etched in our minds for a lifetime. In 40 years, the children of today will be able to answer the trivia question: What did social-distancing mean in 2020? They will triumphantly answer “Six feet apart!”

The Covid-19 virus has caused a lot of disruption to our daily lives. We have missed the enjoyment of going to concerts, ballgames, church services, auctions, eating in restaurants with family and friends, and many other group activities. We are limited to meeting in groups of 10 or less, wearing a mask when shopping, and keeping our social distance.

Yet the great outdoors is still available to us if we social-distance. There are several outdoor activities right in the city of Aitkin which are readily available, good exercise, and still stay within the health mandates of the state. The city of Aitkin’s walking trail will give you up to 45 minutes of fresh air and exercise. The tennis courts are available out past the AHS football field. The  city park has a nice playground and the skate park is an attraction for young people.

One of the underutilized resources for exercise and enjoyment is the nine-hole disc golf course. It begins near the city park pavilion and winds along the meandering Ripple River. There are signs at each tee area to show you the course layout. Discs are available from the Aitkin City office (218-927-2527), call ahead or just bring your own frisbees.

Your family has all of these resources for exercise and enjoyment right here in Aitkin and they are all free. Happy social distancing!

Randy Stauter, Aitkin

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AH Dallas, with trumpster telling over 16,000 lies or 1/2 truths over 3 years, come on, comparing the mis-leading information about they all lie and comparing them to trump, shame on you.

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