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Past, present, future

Congratulations to all graduates in this unusual year of 2020. May you feel God’s presence and guidance in years ahead!

Two local high school graduates especially get our applause. Gillian Wickstrom is valedictorian at Aitkin, as Isabelle Schuety is at Hill City. Both attended the late, great Palisade Elementary School.

One more thing, I had the honor of baptizing and confirming both Isabelle and Gillian at Bethel Lutheran Church, Palisade.

Pastor Bill Sass, Palisade

Bringing out the best in people

This is a personal message of compliments to the Aitkin superintendent, school board, high school principal and staff, parents and the Aitkin community for all that they did to make this year’s graduation a very special occasion for their senior students. As a grandmother of two of those students, I saw the results of dedicated hard working and caring people committed to making a difficult situation into a positive, memorable experience for their young people. Once again proving that difficult times can bring out the best in people! Thank you all for your efforts and positive attitudes.

Beverly Graf, Aitkin

All the difference

It’s 2020 and the census is here. We encourage you to complete the census as soon as possible. Your completion of the census will help our communities and the county to obtain needed funding to provide for the needs of our citizens. This will help our agency provide the services that are needed for our citizens including mental health services, chemical dependency services, services for the elderly and protection services for children and vulnerable adults. In addition, funding assists our area food shelves, schools, workforce centers, law enforcement, fire departments, and hospitals. Please take the time to complete the census online at my2020census.gov, by calling 1-844-330-2020 or completing the paper census form that was mailed to you and returning it in the envelope provided. It’s that simple to make a difference.

Jessi Schultz social services supervisor at Aitkin County

Beginning of the end

Retired General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis could no longer stay quiet. He ripped into his former boss after the recent photo stunt in front of the White House. “The President doesn’t bring the country together. He doesn’t even try to do it.”

Former head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Major General John Allen went further. After federal officers cleared the White House area of peaceful protesters using tear gas and rubber bullets, Allen said it “may be the beginning the end of the American experiment.”

What was the reason for clearing the White House area? The president wanted his photograph taken in front of the St. John Church across the street. He seemed momentarily puzzled about the proper way to hold a Bible, then the man who once said the White House was “a dump,” had nothing to say. He should have remained silent for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

David Strand, Aitkin

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Richard Dalton II

David Strand. A week before that you hated the general. Typical Lefter. I suppose you stand with the thugs in Seattle too.

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