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America’s view of police

Since 2016, Americans are seeing the amplification of a corrupt government, and a police force out of control. Even the U.S. Supreme Court has changed from a “people’s court” to the “maintainer of the status quo” court. But let’s talk about America’s view of our police state. With cellphones, videos are showing the hallmarks of a police state, where police officers no longer are servants of the people, but are now the squads of goons keeping the masses under control. To do this, police claim “qualified immunity.”

Some of the reasons police can claim qualified immunity is, arrests based on mere suspicion. Or for shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. Police can stop, arrest, and search citizens without reasonable suspicion. Police can now break into homes without a warrant. But the kicker in my argument is, police can use the “fear for my life” rationale as an excuse for shooting unarmed individuals. People are waking up to our police state situation. The sad truth is, we are dealing with a nationwide epidemic of court-sanctioned police violence. Police reform is necessary and unavoidable if we are to have any hope of living in an America in which freedom means something more than the right to stay alive, I believe even if we have to unfund the police department in America.

Right now, we certainly don’t need to wait for a president or Senate with a taste for totalitarian tactics, throwing a few crumbs our way.

Wayne Halverson, Aitkin

Modern times

There are downsides to living in these modern times which I hadn’t anticipated.

Few things in this life can impact someone more than the passing of a friend or family. Growing up in McGregor during the 1960s and ’70s was like reading a story from a book which seemed to write itself. The people were larger than life, and our boyhood experiences were, for lack of a better term, unique.

To the members of Boy Scout Troup 76 of McGregor, no place on this Earth gave up more fun and excitement than living in this booming metropolis with people like Darrel Olson leading the way. Every scout in those days knew Darrel Olson from his work with the McGregor Lions Club and VFW and the fly-in drive-in corn feed and the Boy Scouts. (We shucked the corn out in the back of Darrel’s truck for this event for years).

Darrel’s personality was but a treasure trove of stories which we’ll all remember. He regarded his home town and his country to be held in the highest of honor and grandest of traditions. His face - was the face of patriotism and you could bet your last dime on him when he said something was true.

From his infectious laugh and toothy smile to his commanding personality, in our memories he lives on in us all.

I only heard of Darrel Olson’s passing only very recently and wanted to give a final respectful salute to the commander and tip-of-the-hat to his family. This man - is missed.

Rest well sir, you’ve earned it.

L. Wencl, Zimmerman

To the NFL and its players,

If I have brain cancer, I don’t ask my dentist what I should do. If my car has a problem, I don’t seek help from a plumber! Why do you think the public cares what a football player thinks about politics? If we want to know about football, then depending on the information we seek, we might consult with you.

You seem to have this over inflated view of yourselves, thinking because you enjoy working on such a large scale stage, that somehow your opinion about everything matters. The NFL realizes the importance of its “image.” But somehow you and your employer don’t seem to care that you disgrace the entire nation and its 320 million people in the eyes of the world by publicly disrespecting this country, its flag, and its anthem!

Do you even understand what the flag of this country means to so many of its citizens before you choose to “take a knee” in protest of this “country” during our national anthem?

You may think because you are paid so much that your job is tough, but you are clueless when it comes to tough.

You are spoiled babies who stand around and have staff squirt Gator Aid in your mouths, sit in front of misting cooling fans when it’s warm, and sit on heated benches when it’s cold. That’s not “tough” that’s pampered.

You think that you deserve to be paid excessively high salaries, because you play a “dangerous” game where you can incur career-ending injuries. Talk to our police and military about danger and career ending injuries.

You think that you deserve immediate medical attention and doctors when injured. Talk to a veteran prior to President Trump.

You think you have the right to disrespect the flag of the United States, the one our veterans fought for, risked limbs and mental stability to defend, in many cases died for. Learn from the average American how to respect the flag.

You believe you are our heroes, when in reality you are nothing but overpaid entertainers, who exist solely for our enjoyment! Well, your current antics are neither entertaining nor enjoyable, but rather a disgrace to this country, its citizens, all our veterans and their families, and the sacrifices they have made to ensure this country remains free. You choose to openly disgrace this country in the eyes of the rest of the world, yet with all your money, still choose to live here rather than in any other country. People with even the slightest amount of “Class” will stand and respect our flag. Where does that put you? You want to see heroes … police, military, teachers, medical and volunteers are the real heroes.

You can protest policies, the current government, or anything else you choose, that is your right. But when you “protest” our flag and anthem, you are insulting the nation we all live in and love, and all those who have served, been injured, or died to keep it free. There is nothing you can do or say that can make your actions anything more than the arrogance of classless people, who care about themselves more than our country or the freedoms for which our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much, to ensure you have the “right” to speak freely.

Robert Dreger, Aitkin

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Robert Dreger, Aitkin. you get a little confused, if you are talking about Colin K. , you are confused, he wasn't protesting thee flag, he was protesting police brutality against blacks. but maybe this nation needs a wake up call once in a while, you didn't listen and now you got the demonstrations, the burnings and it should be clear, American didn't listen, then followed a trojan horse

Richard Dalton II

Wayne Halvorson, the "trojan horse" that snuck into this nation was Barrack Husaine Obama and it will be decades before we are beyond the damage he and his worshipers like you have wrought upon us. Your lies grow older every day.


the American trojan horse is surely the trumpster, he has gotten rid of Americas watchdogs, the Nations watchdogs, the IG's and made terrible trade deals with china that required American taxpayer money to bail farmers out because of trump's folly. he held super secret talks with a know American enemy, {no one allowed in secret talks with Putin except a Russian translator] we were held in high exteme by world leaders but laughed at by the duffist we have as president now. no, trump has done damage. no one else.

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