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On Biden, Fauci and the CDC

The CDC  has not yet determined if the vaccine is safe for pregnant women.

Dr. Mark Siegel and many other doctors say that if you have COVID-19 you have immunity and don’t need a vaccination.

Fauci, the administration and the CDC want to ultimately vaccinate everyone from 6 months old. This is ludicrous because very few of the young get COVID-19. Also, it is documented that the young are vulnerable to contracting myocardia, a heart condition, at the rate of 15%. What goes? Are Fauci and company trying to further enrich “big pharmas”?

Wisconsin Sen. Johnson, on a Life, LIberty and Levin, segment (Fox News Sundays 7 p.m.) said that Fauci’s blocking the use of hydroxychloriquin cost many lives. When questioned, Dr. Siegel ventured 150,000.

Did you know that Fauci is the highest paid person in government at $442,000 annually? The president receives $425,000. Unbelievable.

Reportedly, China’s vice minister of security has escaped to the U.S. and is currently being debriefed. He reported that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab.

Ninety-thousand people died of overdose between March 2020 and March 2021. Many migrants are dying, many by drowning. The border patrol is called for more body bags.

Texas Gov. Abbott pledged to complete the wall in Texas. He and Florida Gov. DeSantis are sending help to the border to assist the border patrol.

An eight-month pregnant woman had to endure multiple rapes.

All of the above, yet Biden and Harris couldn’t care less.

Walgreens has shut down 17 outlets in Democrat cities because of looting.

When Biden was VP, he voted against abortion but now he stands staunchly for abortion. Biden is Catholic. The Catholic Church hierarchy is considering banning pro-abortion Catholics from taking communion.

When campaigning for the presidency, he insisted he was a moderate, but the day after inauguration, he immediately flipped to a Socialist/Marxist, much to the chagrin of millions of Democrats.

After 93 days, Harris finally went to the  border, feeling compelled to because Trump announced he was invited to come on June 30. Harris went to El Paso, 800 miles from where the real problem is. She spent almost all her time at the El Paso airport. All of it was too little too late.

Jim Warneke, Aitkin

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