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Stable geniuses

Science seems to be terrifying to Donald Trump, current Republican occupant of our White House, and his followers. It needn’t be. One way to look at science is as a large form to be filled out. There are many questions on the form, and the more that are answered accurately, the better the picture will be that someone is able to get from the form.

Now Mr. Trump is asking everyone to wear masks. The coronavirus has gotten so out of hand, he’s forced to put aside his arrogance, ego, and hubris in order to compete against President Obama in seeking a second term. Trump has obviously hated Obama for years. Trump’s attitudes have caused his many bankruptcies. (A bankruptcy is where you force other people to pay your bills.)

Masks should’ve been mandated on Feb.1, when there was 2-feet of snow on the ground, not July 23. We’d have been on the outside of this pandemic by now, finding ways to go back to work like other countries. Instead MAGA had turned us into a third-world country. We’re in last place in terms of coronavirus, “Trump’s virus.”

Trump’s pride had smarted off, so he wouldn’t wear a mask. His followers followed, to the point of belligerence and occasional violence. When they got sick, all those trying to save their lives were wearing masks. They made medical nuisances of themselves, at Trump’s direction. Trump is frequently tested, as is everyone around him. How many of his followers can claim the same?

Are masks the end-all? No. Think of a building with several doors. Someone is trying to get in who shouldn’t be. The more doors that you lock, the more likely they’ll give up and leave, before finding that one door you didn’t lock.

A. Martin, Merrifield

Distressful to say the least

At my age, there should be very little things that create stress in my life.

I have seen or heard about other countries’ national police force. I know that Germany had the Gestapo, Mexico had the DFS, and the United States had Cointelpro (for collecting internal threats) and it was replaced by the DHS. If you remember correctly, the DHS, which was created after the Sept. 11, 2001, to ward off attacks from abroad and border security. Now Trump has made it a national police force.

If you think about it, it is now an administrative law force. Whoever president now has his/her private police force. Trump has created such an administrative evil under the gist of law and order. DHS just created this new policing unit. The hooker here is, now the federal police can be deployed without the permission of individual U.S. states for their help. They are getting bombarded by Trump, and sent to states run by Democratic governors.

What distresses me is when unidentifiable federal agents working for DHS, in particular have been jumping out of unmarked vans and abducting people off the streets in Portland. I’ve gotten used to a lot of things since Trump became president, but this seems like a big deal to me.

Wayne Halverson, Aitkin

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Richard Dalton II

Quit lying Wayne. You can't get into Heaven if you don't stop lying.

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