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Support the Post Office

The U.S.Post Office was established in the U.S. Constitution as was the U.S. Military. They are not businesses. They are apolitical, government institutions providing essential services to the people of this country.

The military is given a budget by Congress in order to protect us. The Post Office earns some of its budget, but is also provided funds by Congress, when earnings don’t cover expenses. Again, it is not a business, but a service.

The Post Office is critical to the delivery of medications for millions, Social Security checks for many and goods, advertisements and communications for businesses. It’s also essential for communications between family and friends, delivery of local newspapers and, now, in the election season, the delivery of mail-in ballots.

In the past there was never a question about the timeliness of the mail. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is inexperienced with the postal service, owns stock in competing services and is incompetent in this position. He is making changes, including removing over 500 bar-code sorting machines, eliminating overtime for workers and removing upper level personnel, all of which slow mail delivery. He claims to be making the Post Office more efficient. How is disrupting services, thus slowing the mail more efficient? He should be lobbying Congress and the president for the money to keep enough equipment and workers in order to serve people just as the U.S. Post Office always has.

I appreciate the service our essential, dedicated postal workers provide and I hope they are given the appropriate financial support and leadership they deserve. Our rural community needs the connectivity the Post Office provides especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for more mail-in voting, so there is no need for vulnerable people to choose between their health and voting. We need efficient delivery of ballots so no one is disenfranchised by timeliness that can’t be met due to slowing of mail delivery. I encourage all who want the continued timely, uninterrupted services of the U.S. Post Office to contact their U.S. Congress, representatives and senators to express support of the need for keeping the U.S. Post Office viable and fulfilling its constitutional role.

Diane Schlagel, Aitkin County

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McGregor Minnesota used to be nothing more than a water stop for the steam driven locomotives that shook the ground, pulling carloads of pioneering passengers to and from the more impressive stops along the Northern Pacific and Soo Line train tracks back in the 1930's. Then, in the early 1960's at the ages of 6 and 7 my older brother and I used to walk from our farm just south of McGregor, to the Train Depot where our grandfather was the section foreman for the Sooline Railroad. Inside the Depot was an impressive sight- the high ceilings echoing the smart "rat-a-tat-tat" of the strange electrical equipment. There too, sat George Deering, as he was minding the telegraph machinery, and monitoring the low glowing bulbs of the track switch gear controls. Gordon "Gordy" Manchester was often working there as well. I remember George showing us how to "read" Morse Code communications that trains relied upon to keep their system running. There were no telephones in Mcgregor at the time when clacky systems were put in. This was because O.L. Johnson had not yet decided to start up the "Pineland Telephone Company", and the number of phone users wouldn't be large enough to make that pay off. I remember seeing these things in great detail. It was like a Christmas morning to us. My brother eventually worked there along side my Grandfather.

Both of them are gone now. They're all gone now... all but me. That's why I wanted to tell you about this, because its important to remember these things. People lived their entire lives to make this country what it is today. Please, remember that too.

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