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Correction to letter

There was an error in the letter Aug. 18 from Jim Warneke.

It said “a shocking $7 million from China to the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, also a cool $22 million secretly came from an anonymous donor – and it was not reported to the IRS as legally required.”

It should have said $70 million.

Biden top for worst president

Biden has held the highest office in the nation for seven months. He shut down the Keystone pipeline on day one; also crippled our oil industry by restricting drilling, fracking on public land.

As gas prices rise, he calls on OPEC to increase production! We go from energy independence under President Trump, to begging others to produce more oil so we can import. For those of you who believe we don’t need line 3 because we don’t need the oil, Biden just shut down that argument.

He’s allowing a steady stream of people to cross our southern border, his own staff stating on leaked recordings that it’s not sustainable. They are bringing COVID-19 and a difficult TB strain to treat into our country.

He and his vice president are to blame for vaccine hesitancy. They both questioned the rapid vaccine development under Trump’s warp speed program. Inflation over 5%. Small businesses unable to staff due to free cash handed out. Now a complete, disgraceful departure from Afghanistan. The Taliban can see that Biden is weak, so they took control. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea see it as well.

A president who conducts a press conference but doesn’t stay for questions when many Americans are still in Afghanistan. Then returns to vacation. I’m 62, always had Carter on the top of my list as the worst president in my lifetime. High interest rates and left hostages in Iran.

Joe Biden is now at the top for the worst, and he’s got 3.5 years to go. God bless America, we certainly need it.

Mike Chalich, Swatara

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