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#KeepGoing, suicide prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month and it’s important that we be there for each other and take steps to prevent suicide. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s theme for the month is to #KeepGoing, by taking simple actions to safeguard our mental health and save lives. From learning the warning signs for suicide and what to do if you are worried someone is struggling, to bringing education programs to your community, we can all learn new ways to help each other save lives.

One action I’m taking is to urge my public officials to prioritize suicide prevention and mental health. When someone is in acute crisis, it’s hard for them to think clearly, and even reaching out for help can be a struggle. For this reason, it is vital that Congress pass the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act (H.R.4194/S.2661) to make a three-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline a reality. This legislation will provide the funding and resources needed by crisis centers across the country that support those struggling with their mental health and thoughts of suicide.

In this time of uncertainty, we all need to find new ways to connect and support each other.

Together, we #KeepGo ing.

Destiny Brown, Pine River

Back to work

Well it happened - Gov. Tim Walz decided to go ahead with the appeal of the Line 3 Replacement Project. I would like to say that I’m surprised, or that I initially had faith in him, but we’ve been through this once before with his administration. Appealing this project is not good for the state of Minnesota, and it is happening at the worst possible time.

Our communities need this project, and our people need to get back to work. Northern Minnesota has been saying yes to this project for years now. They have been waiting for these jobs, yet there are now more and more unnecessary delays. Why would we not want our people working in their home state?

Well, if you didn’t believe it before, it is abundantly clear that Walz doesn’t take the needs of northern Minnesota into account when making decisions. We need these jobs; we need that economic activity in this region. Line 3 has been proven necessary, Line 3 has been proven safe, and Line 3 will put thousands to work. We need to get this pipeline approved as soon as we can and get northern Minnesota back to work.

Mark Kindem, Bemidji

Something needs to be done

Unemployment has been rising throughout our state during this unprecedented pandemic.

Yet no area has seen the negative effects of this as much as here in northern Minnesota. As we all know, most of northern Minnesota relies on summer tourism to boost the economy. The strict rules put in place by Gov. Walz and the fear being constantly spread by the national media, our tourism industry has taken a massive hit this year leaving many businesses on the brink. Something needs to be done, and the answer isn’t just to raise taxes.

One easy answer is to allow construction on the Line 3 Replacement Project to start. The project will create more than 4,000 jobs across northern Minnesota and bring over $2 billion dollars to the region. This will immediately support union laborers and thousands of businesses in the area.

Our state leaders need to take a hard look at themselves and start doing what is best for the people of Minnesota, not just their political agendas. Gov. Walz, northern Minnesota needs your help. Its time you acknowledged the people up here and do something that will help us too.

Larry LePier, Fosston


Just like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump scorned experience and reveled in a “celebrity” status.

Just a year later, Trump’s vision of his America was disastrous. A year later we found a country with serious underlying conditions, and Trump exploited America ruthlessly.

America became a nation with chronic ills—a corrupt political class, a heartless economy, a divided and a disenfranchised public. It forced a question that most Americans have never had to ask: Are we still capable of self-government?

All of the lasting pain of the last few years was felt in the middle and at the bottom, by Americans who had taken on debt and lost their jobs, homes, and retirement savings. Like a pyramid scheme, over the past few years, it has enriched corporations and investors, lulled professionals, and left the working class further behind. The lasting effect of the Trump’s slump has increased polarization among the American public.

Trump has never pretended to be president of the whole country, but pitted us against one another along lines of race, sex, religion, citizenship, education, and have’s and have-not’s. The sad part for America is, a third of the country locked itself in a hall of mirrors, that it believed to be reality; a third drove itself mad with the effort to hold on to the idea of knowable truth; and a third gave up even trying.

Wayne Halverson, Aitkin

Dying vs. living

Have the news media and the politicians made us so afraid of dying that we are afraid to live?

As I was in church this morning, I considered how things have changed. The masked people in church may have been greeting each other, but you could not see any smiles, there was no handshakes, clasps or hugs and of course you couldn’t sing any hymns because that may spread the virus. Church is only one of the places that we should be afraid of living. Going to the grocery store has always been a social event where you would see people you normally may not see, and you would smile at those you didn’t know and socialize with those you knew. Now, you may or may not recognize people unless they speak, and you don’t know if they are smiling or frowning.

We have been convinced by the virologists, politicians and media, that we cannot visit the sick or those that are in nursing homes because you may spread the virus to the most vulnerable. Those are the people that need visitors the most and we cannot visit them. Can you imagine what it must be like for a nursing home resident that has not seen their spouse or other family members for their last days, or the spouse that knows he cannot visit a wife knowing that she may be gone soon? This makes the last days of life for these people unbearable. Those that are awaiting death, must hope it gets their quicker since they have to die alone.

We are being convinced that if we don’t wear masks in public, we are being irresponsible because we may be spreading the virus to others. Our chances of getting the virus are very slim, and our chance of spreading it since we have no symptoms are also negligible. Our chances of dying are much greater when we get into the car and drive than they are in not wearing a mask. If masks are so good at protecting us, shouldn’t those people that are terrified of dying wear their masks and let the rest of us that know death is coming to us all and take the chance? I think we had that freedom to take care of our own health before this explosion of fear mongering

Those that are so afraid of dying should lock themselves in their houses, don’t let in any visitors, get your groceries delivered outside, disinfect everything coming into your house, and then you may be safe from the virus. (MAY be safe!!!!)

John Bajda, McGregor

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Stan Jett

John- You are so right, No one will escape alive, You can spend your life huddled in your basement or enjoy all that the world has to offer., the outcome will be same. I embrace each day and thank God for giving us Pres Trump. I shudder to think of the entire United States turning out like Minnesota by becoming a 3rd world country. The politicians and businesses paying into the BLM's protection racket while leaving the citizens to fend for themselves. And if a citizen defies BLMs thugs and protecting their family and farm, the police are forced to arrest the citizen.

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