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Pickleball courts

Apparently the school board has a belief that the creation of a pickleball court is more important  than the construction of a “ramp” and “overhead” at a school not identified in the Aitkin  School District. I assume from the vague description in the May 29 Age article, that the boards conversation was regarding a handicap ramp and cover so students with disabilities could more easily access the special education entrance at an unknown school in the district.

It wasn’t too long ago that the school board/district claimed that the facilities were falling down around the students ears and it was necessary to raise taxes for the schools by about 80% to do the necessary work. So, once again they are putting off necessary improvements so they can pay for pickleball courts. I hope the Board isn’t also thinking about raising more tax money to fund other questionable expenditures.

Dick Weinhandl, Aitkin

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