Supporting local fireworks

July 4th celebrations across our nation provide the opportunity to show our appreciation for the freedoms, rights and lifestyles we are able to enjoy. Fireworks displays are part of the excitement, and are made possible in our local communities only through fundraising, donations and volunteerism. Thank you to all who help in those efforts. In Aitkin County, there are only five certified fireworks operators qualified to lead outdoor fireworks displays. Each of them has the responsibility of maintaining their certification, recruiting volunteers, assistants, maintaining equipment, staying educated about fireworks statutes, organizing a safe launch site, overseeing safe and entertaining shows, working with local governing bodies and reporting to the State Fire Marshal. Operators do the job because they enjoy fireworks, the technical aspects and the beauty of them, and they want to continue the tradition of July 4th celebrations in our small towns. Operators deeply appreciate the commitment of their volunteer crew members. As an operator, I encourage more people to get involved in supporting these outdoor displays. Donate: shows are expensive. Respect launch site boundaries – safety is our biggest concern. Volunteer, assistants are always needed. Get certified, our current operators will need younger folks to take over.

Cheryl Meld


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