Re: Voter purge

I write today to voice my objection to being removed from the voting rolls of Aitkin County. I have lived my whole life as a resident of Minnesota. I was born there, was schooled there, spent my working life there and raised my children there.

I maintain my primary residence in Tamarack. I pay my taxes on time and maintain my utilities there as well. My driver’s license is current and registered in Minnesota. All of our cars, trucks, ATVs, boats and RVs are registered there – all with current licenses. We file our federal and state income taxes each year as Minnesota residents.

All of a sudden, we are told we should be removed from Aitkin County’s voting rolls because we choose to be “snowbirds” and request the mail service to send our mail to Arizona where we stay for a few months to be out of the harsh Minnesota winter.

It cannot be coincidence that this purge is happening in December, rather than, say, June, when we and other seniors are receiving their mail at their primary residences in Minnesota. The way I see it, if the county has access to the postal services’ change of address records and are purging the voting rolls based on that information, then the county can also access its own records to see if these voters maintain primary residences owning properties within the county and registering vehicles, boats, RVs, etc. and paying taxes and other fees as Minnesota residents. This seems like a “knee jerk” response to purge voter registration to infringe on my right to live where I want and to vote in the my home state.

I know that other states are also “purging” voters to benefit “Trumpism” that seems to be taking over the whole United States of America.

We have always been proud to claim to be Minnesotans and Minnesota has a reputation of standing up for the people and has always rejected the “craziness” taking over the rest of the country.

I also realize that this purge is happening on a statewide basis, not just in Aitkin County.

I’m here to tell you this – it is wrong! We must all stand up to this “Trumpism” as it threatens our democracy and our most basic right – the right to vote! You cannot limit my right to vote just because I choose to spend time in another place for a few months of winter.

Roger and Cheryl Schultz, Tamarack

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to Roger and Cheryl Schultz, Tamarack. I hardly agree with you, this is an outlandish attempt by the Aitkin county auditor to remove the snow birds from their polls, SHAME ON THEM! If you pay taxes, maintain a 6 month residence as required, the county has no right to do this, in my estimation. then if they do that, my theory is, we don't have to pay property taxes, and we can live on our property for free. [stupid example for a stupid action cause by the county]

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