Another display of ineptitude

Corona virus patients have now appeared in California with no apparent ties to overseas travelers. Medical experts have been told to not make public announcements without clearing it beforehand with the federal government’s new czar of this emergency, V.P. Pence who has no experience in anything like this previously. President Trump has made statements that COVID 19 won’t be a problem in this country because there are only 15 cases known and they are all improving. He has also said that as the weather warms the virus will all go away. There is a potential that early missteps in managing this situation could endanger everyone in this country.

Experts at the CDC have said that a vaccine “could” be developed but it could take up to a year and testing for the virus should start on a large scale. Test kits currently are only available from the CDC and the number available is unknown. The situation is still in flux but I would certainly feel more comfortable if experts in infectious disease and experienced medical people were in charge of the response to this and not politicians.

Dick Weinhandl, Aitkin

We have God on our side

Hard to believe that many Christians are buying into Trump’s religion. I have to wonder what the religion is that he speaks of and if any of his religious followers know. It certainly isn’t the message of Jesus or Christianity that I am aware of. When he mocks other people’s faith and calls his opponents by stupid and silly names, that is not Christian. When he tweeted that Christianity Today’s support for his impeachment indicated that the magazine wants to elect “a radical left nonbeliever who wants to take your religion.” How does Trump call anyone a nonbeliever? Where are his credentials? If you are following Trump because of his religious beliefs your religion has already been stolen.

1. Bankruptcy king of billionaires: Six corporate bankruptcies where he stiffed the plumber, the little electricians, and the janitors who worked for him and his companies, the little guys who couldn’t afford a lawyer, because Trump sues. He is and was manipulating the justice system because of the cost of legal representation. He always received a ridiculous salary while destroying the corporations — just ask all of the American banks that won’t lend him a nickel.

2. In his Evangelical rally in Florida in January he claimed “We have God on our side.” Every war or lie that has ever been fought for has claimed “God is on our side.” How does he know? Does he get messages, like his White House religious counselor claims to?

3. At another mega church In February he proclaimed “We celebrate faith. We cherish religion.” Since it is he who uses religion as a political tool I think it only reasonable to inquire into his past and present religious beliefs. Does he donate to a church? If it’s like his charities and taxes, evidence would indicate he does not — his taxes would reveal the truth. Isn’t that the basis of religion and religious belief, truth? What is he hiding, maybe loans through a German bank? The only bank that would lend to him or his companies, the collateral for those loans put up by the Russian government.

4. Speaking of truth and our president in one breath, it is hard to rectify the two. The real-so called- “fake news,” is coming from the president. He has misstated or oversimplified facts that, after he is done, are no longer facts. Such as:

5. Mexico will pay for the wall. I won’t be able to golf because I will be so busy working for you. Check out the cost of his golfing.

6. I know more than the generals so I don’t have to attend briefings. I can pardon myself and anyone else who gets in trouble for me.

Oh, I forgot his military deferments for carbuncles that no one has seen and of course he loves our country so much that he brags about not paying any taxes. So we foot the bill and he claims to be patriotic.

Don Daher, Aitkin

A common sense reply to left wing confusion

(Marcia Baer)

Comrade Bernie is the poster child for what is wrong with the Socialist Democrat party.

FREE FREE FREE FREE health care, college education, open borders, services and education for illegal immigrants and the end of freedom of choice by the American people (cost $92 trillion dollars). Mice die in mouse traps because they don’t understand why the cheese is free. The same thing happens with socialism.

There is no room in the Socialist Democrat party for personal responsibility. According to the party the government has all the answers. Under President Obama the U.S. never had a year of GDP over 2% (first time in history of the country). The major reason for this was the endless taxes and regulations imposed by him. The economies and safety of California, Illinois, Detroit, New York, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. are a mess. The common thread in all these areas is they have been under Socialist Democrat control for decades (obvious that agenda is not working). Common sense is not a gift, it’s a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it.

World happiness report? Marcia is this your source for how things are working? Germany has 47.4% income tax, 19% sales tax and $6/gallon gas. I was in Germany last year and talked to a German economist who said their social welfare system is broke, medical care is strained to the max and their free college education isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. This is where comrade Bernie would like to take us.

Marcia you need to fact check your Socialist Democrat mantra about who is benefitting from the Republican tax cuts and deregulation. All government reports say the benefit is top to bottom with the bottom third benefitting the most. President Trump has created a financial environment that has resulted in the lowest unemployment figures in the last 100 years. Good paying manufacturing jobs are coming back from overseas. Obama said these jobs were gone forever. Obama lost 2.9 million jobs while President Trump has added 3.2 million. Tell me who has the better plan?

Republicans believe in a safety net to help people that are having a hard time. Unlike the Socialist Democrat party Republicans believe welfare should not be a way of life for decades/generations. A job and self respect are a major tenet in the Republican program and it is essential that businesses do well to create the jobs that make this work. The government does not create the jobs small business does.

I am worried for my grandchildren that personal responsibility and hard work will not be valued in their future. In my lifetime the Republican/Democrat administrations valued these qualities and didn’t try to pit one group against the other (rich/poor, black/white) I long for the return of those days.

Robert Dreger, Aitkin

Question a conflict of interest

I feel, we need to. Just remember it depends who you are, taxpayer/citizen or someone already on our payroll in perhaps a position our ruling bodies can give all kinds of power and control. Let’s also remember some of us elected them, did we not?

When having the rule makers, a mayor and his go-along city council does what they do best for their pets, finding it was not a conflict of interest locally by a recent person should not be a surprise!

The scales of justice are tipped and tainted, I feel. Let’s not forgot the phrase “Shielded by The Badge.” Let’s not forget the great series of articles by the Star Tribune some time ago. Their term was “Shielded by The Badge.” Also don’t forget locally, their oath to protect and serve. I feel this all makes perfect sense as we watch recent and at times daily news articles dealing with how law enforcement officers handle issues around our country. These law enforcers are supposed to be setting an example are they not? Dash cameras and body camera’s, so many times are not turned on. How come? Yes, we’ve heard all the excuses! Many times, thanks to private citizens taking phone video footage which shows what really happened. Ask yourself does the law obey the laws that are on our books?

Conflict of interest recently came up in our downtown area. Is everyone okay with this? How many private citizens/taxpayers would have gotten the same judgement call that this person who is already on our payroll? It was A-OK for him and was not a conflict of interest. Will the scales of justice ever be level?

Georgia J. Johnson, Aitkin

Coffee with Congress

Alzheimer’s - the only leading cause of death in the U.S. that can’t be prevented, cured or even slowed – impacts 97,000 Minnesotans. I am, and have been, a caregiver for two of them. On Feb. 22, the Alzheimer’s Association partnered with Aitkin County C.A.R.E. to host “Coffee with Congress” to discuss the emotional and financial impact of this disease in Aitkin County with Congressman Pete Stauber. Everyone in the room - advocates, caretakers and area professionals - had a connection to Alzheimer’s. We thank Rep. Stauber, as well as Senators Klobuchar and Smith, for passing a $350 million increase in dementia research at the National Institutes of Health and $10 million to fund the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act which addresses Alzheimer’s as a public health crisis. Our work is not done. We also seek to educate providers about the dementia care planning code available thru Medicare in our Improving HOPE for Alzheimer’s Act. In the Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Act, we ask that people under age 60 living with the disease are allowed access to critical programs under the Older Americans Act. Rep. Stauber has committed to co-sponsor these acts. Please join me in thanking Rep. Stauber for his commitment to addressing Alzheimer’s in our community.

Terry Klosterman, Tamarack

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Robert Dreger, Aitkin. your comrade baloney is the typical republican line, they dont say its free, they should though seeing that the republicans have created a society that needs 2 jobs to get buy. that way you can claim that the unemployment is low

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