No deer on the Moon

PBS-NOVA had a one-hour program about Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins and the Apollo 11 NASA space mission to land humans on the Moon in July, 1969. They landed successfully, and returned to Earth safely. It would be quite an achievement with today’s technology, but in 1969 it was phenomenal.

In May 1961, Democratic President John Kennedy announced the intention to try this mission “before the end of the decade,” and we did it.

I imagine today’s White House and Republican government trying such a mission. The “occupant” of our White House would’ve announced launch of the mission to the Moon, a four-day trip, taking full credit for it. Then 10 hours later announce he decided to abort the mission and called it back as too dangerous. Then, after a couple days of media research, we’d learn there had never been such a mission in the first place. “Fake news,” he’d say.

But I really wanted to talk about the deer I saw tonight when I went up to the garden. I was in the clear, and she stood about 50 feet away in the woods, looking at me, and I at her. She strolled a few feet at a time, pausing to look at me. I’d seen her tiny fawn in the driveway a couple days ago. I asked the mother where her little one was and wished they were both fine.

A few months ago chronic wasting disease was discovered in penned deer at a nearby “game” farm, where hunters pay to hunt and shoot deer in a large fenced-in woods. The DNR was afraid the disease could, or had, spread to the wild deer herd, so decided the best available way to stop an epidemic was to kill as many deer as possible within two miles of the deer farm.

This mother had come by often, with three other deer. Now they were gone; it was just her and her fawn.

She gave me such a haunting look; it bothered me. Then when I came inside to watch the news, I saw the same look in the eyes of mothers and children of the immigrant refugees at the border.

A. Martin, Merrifield

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Richard Dalton II

Well A. martin, it has been proven that many of those children aren't even with their Real mothers or relative but instead are being exploited. Mahaps you should do some research before you lie next time?

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