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Who will represent you?

“A man believes what he wants to believe and disregards the rest,” (Simon and Garfunkel). With elections around the corner we have a chance to change direction and elect those who will represent us, “We the People,” not corporations, big money, special interests, big pharma, and insurance companies, motivated by greed. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is our wake up call, and sheds light on just how unprepared we are. We look to our government leaders, to which we pay our tax dollars, to advocate for and protect us, and provide solutions.

Our vote is precious and matters, especially now, as our health care, economy, and environment are all threatened. Truth matters, facts matter, and we must demand them from our political leaders, and all forms of media. Vote because our democracy depends on it, and our very lives as well. Vote for leaders who are not in the pocket of political action committees, corporations, insurance companies, big pharma, and special interests; but those who want to serve you, not themselves, but “WE THE PEOPLE, who elect them.

After having the opportunity to hear Quinn Nystrom speak, in her run for U.S. Representative, I truly believe she will advocate for us all, and hope you will consider what she has to say, and cast your vote her way.

Gina Nelson, Aitkin

It’s all about the money

President Trump spent at least two or more weeks telling everyone that there was no reason for concern, that the Covid-19 virus was under control. Now that this country is deep into this pandemic the federal government seems more interested in handing out money to airline and hotel industry billionaires than finding the equipment necessary to protect medical workers and first responders, not to mention test kits and other hospital equipment necessary to fight for those who are sick. It’s a very good thing that state and local leaders have stepped into the breach and are trying to mitigate the situation. Without their leadership we would be truly “up the creek without a paddle.”

Dick Weinhandl, Aitkin

Tax assistance

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide service has been suspended nationwide as of March 16 until further notice. A top priority is protecting those most at risk of contracting the coronavirus, including tax-aide volunteers and taxpayers. Note that AARP Foundation Tax-Aide does not offer online or drop-off tax service.

The federal government has extended the federal income tax filing deadline until July 15, 2020, and there is indication that the state will do the same.

When the suspension has been lifted, we will resume service at the Aitkin Public Library. I do not look for that to happen before May. Please do not call the library. A notice will be placed at the library, in the Aitkin Independent Age and posters will be put up around town. If you have questions, I can be reached at 218-845-2666.

Muriel Kingsley, district coordinator, AARP tax aide

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