Do #1Thing to stop domestic violence

A total of 685 people were killed by an intimate partner over the past 30 years in Minnesota. Those are only the ones we know about, and it doesn’t include those physically or emotionally injured. The numbers can make domestic violence seem like an overwhelming problem.

But you can do something about it. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and whether you’re a survivor, a service provider, or a bystander, you can do #1Thing to address domestic violence. Believe victims. Write to your policymakers. Volunteer at a shelter. Vote. Donate to programs that provide services to domestic violence survivors. Model respectful relationships. Share your story. You don’t have to do it all, just #1Thing.

Even if your #1Thing seems small, it will combine with the #1Things of your whole community to create real social change. Together, we can eradicate domestic violence.

Learn more about the help available through our Office of Justice Programs at If you need help, call 866-223-1111 or text 612-399-9995, the Minnesota Day One Crisis Line.

Commissioner John Harrington, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, St. Paul

Crow Wing Power (CWP) facts and data

Kraemer admitted to taking a $1.9 million dollar bonus, but only did so after it was leaked.

The board members who took the $70,000 also only admitted it after it was leaked (newer members, Paul Koering, Bryan McCulloch, Rick Larson and a few others were not on the board at that time).

It is true that Martin and Theiese did not take the $70,000 years ago, but were on the board and kept the secret. Martin, when asked about the secrecy, stated “secrecy is very important on a board.”

During the June 2019 annual board meeting, the members voted to remove Bruce Kraemer, general manager, from CWP and  ask for a forensic audit. When the board voted on this only three board members voted to remove Bruce. They are: Bryan McCulloch, Paul Koering and Rick Larson. Bryan McCulloch made a motion for the forensic audit but failed to get a second. The rest refused to follow the requests of the members from the meeting, disrespecting those who voted for them!

RE: Emily Mine Royalties, given to Bruce Kraemer, Doug Hereon and Don Nelson: Kraemer claims to have been removed from the agreement, yet there has never been documentation showing the other two have been removed or that the remaining percentages would be returned to the co-op members. Anyone given money from the original 5% (broken down into parts), stands to make millions of dollars over the life of the mine. The thing that concerns me is that even the 2% that was originally “undesignated,” could possibly find its way into the pockets of Kraemer (or others), if the entire 5% is not legally designated to go back to the cooperative. McCulloch states “this conflict of interest still concerns me but I can’t get support to dig deeper.”

CWP management and board president tell us to ask them if we have questions. I am sorry but that feels a lot like asking the fox how things are going in the hen house!

Gary Bakken, Breezy Point

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