Bible and brew

Approximately 65% of the people who live in Aitkin are not affiliated with any church.  The statistics have almost completely flipped compared to 50 years ago, when 70% of all people belonged to a church and attended most every Sunday.  

What has changed in our society?  It wasn’t so long ago, that I was one of them.  I didn’t because 1.) I didn’t want someone else defining who God is to me; 2.) The Bible was written to a different culture and in a different time.  There is deep meaning in the Holy Scriptures that does apply to today’s life, but I wanted to be the one to determine what it meant to me.  I didn’t want to be told what to do or what to believe.  3.) Our children need to be involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities.  If not, they are considered weird or not connected. Often they compete in these activities on Sunday mornings.  Many families simply don’t have time to devote to going to church.

I believe we live in a time when church is being redefined.  You may be asking what I mean by this statement.  Our culture is changing.  This puts pressure on the church to make changes.  Many denominations have struggled with the full inclusion of LGBTQI+ people.  If a denomination chooses to close the door on the conversation all together, they are surely facing decline.  The Christian Church of the United States is in decline.  There is no doubt about this.  People are not interested in what the Church has to offer.  This is sad to me!

Like all people, I have personally lived a life of brokenness.  Brokenness is a human condition.  That brokenness can only be healed by being in a relationship with our Creator (or God), however one defines your Creator.  Recently, I shared with a friend, our faith is a demonstration of our relationship with our Creator.  Our religion is how we choose to practice that faith.  As a pastor, I am called to create an atmosphere for people to practice their faith.  As well as, to guide those who desire to be in a relationship with their Creator.  

The leadership at Aitkin United Methodist Church began to explore what it would be like to share peace, love, forgiveness and grace of our Creator, in a setting like Block North Brew Pub for an informal discussion.  We will explore a specific passage of scripture based on a topic each week. I  will set up the passage of scripture by offering some historical context.  Opportunity will be given, to those present, to either verbally ask questions or text a question if you are not comfortable speaking out loud.  

Bible and Brew will meet each Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the lower level of Block North Brew Pub, 302 Minnesota Ave. N., Aitkin. (This space is not handicapped accessible.)  Any questions can be directed to Aitkin United Methodist Church at 218-927-3242.

Pastor Dawn Houser United Methodist Church, Aitkin

Sports or politics?

I’m a little confused. Is Mr. Woodrow the sports writer for the Aitkin Age or the politics writer for the paper?

Instead of lauding the ladies U.S. soccer team on its huge accomplishment, which by now we know has not been accomplished by any men’s team, he used his sports page to air his politics. As the sports reporter perhaps he should stick to sports. Especially sports that are a national headline.

Patty Lyman, Palisade

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