Why volunteer?

Certain people volunteer for various reasons. Those who honestly feel they want to give back to their communities, I feel, are to be applauded.

I then feel there are those who volunteer to get praised as “Do Gooders” and perhaps a close relative or friend may nominate them to be written up in some special article locally, or perhaps get a bench, or marker with their names on them? I feel those kinds and those who dish out praises to them are volunteering for the wrong reasons.

Consider perhaps a handful of others, who will take any and perhaps all kinds of needed tasks locally just to show how wonderful/giving they are of their time, by helping day and night. Sure, various groups locally are desperately seeking this kind of help. However, what kind of praise are some of these volunteers looking for?

Yes, there is a need, we all know that, just hoping those doing it, and some whom are praised locally are or have done it for all the most honest reasons?

Asking what have I done? Can honestly say feeling I did it for all the right reasons, just do not talk about it or brag about it. It is a private and personal matter. Also very much understanding and respect, the privacy and confidentiality of those who needed help!

If your volunteering is done for all the right reasons, once again we need to applaud you. I feel a true volunteer does not want or need recognition.

Perhaps taking your own inventory would be helpful?!

Georgia J. Johnson, Aitkin

A city sales tax, really?

I’m not sure if the folks in city government have looked around lately but the shopping in Aitkin has become very limited. Sure, if you need gasoline or something from the dollar store or perhaps even something from a used goods store, there are several options. But since Shopko closed up shop I’m not sure there is anyplace left in town to buy skivies or a pair of socks anymore. So, what does the city intend to tax with their additional city sales tax? Instead of dreaming up new ways to tax the area residents, spend some time dreaming up new ways to increase the shopping availability before all you see in town is UPS and FedEx vans delivering everything from food and clothing  to everything else available online.

Dick Weinhandl, Aitkin

To the children

I am using easy words so most kids can read this letter. I am writing this to you if you do not like going to school. I did not like school either. While some kids look forward to school each day and each year, school felt like prison to me. You may feel the same way I did. It got better for me the last year of high school, and driver’s training class the year before. I was glad for that. By the way, two of my aunts and seven cousins have been school teachers.

If you try hard and study hard, you will be happy you did. Even if you pray silently, God will hear your prayers and help you to do well. As years go by, you will have more of a say in your life and future. You will be seen as someone to trust. You will make friends along the way.

I wound up going to school for over 21 years, not because I wanted to, but needed to. It’s like putting one foot in front of the other to get somewhere, something you need to do.

My wife, Susan, and I went to the Harlem Wizards basketball game with Aitkin School people and others on May 5. Maybe you were there too. It was good to see how they all wanted kids to have fun, and how they care for you. Please keep that in mind this new school year.

Pastor Bill Sass, Palisade

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