Picture this…

Picture in your mind your grandchildren. You love these kids and there is nothing that would stop you from helping or protecting them in a crisis. You would clean out your bank account; you would take a bullet.

Let’s keep this thought in our minds as we make decisions every day about how we care for our world, this planet that will continue to be the earthly home of our grandchildren. For instance, job creation is very important, but we need to be smart in the process and consider the long range consequences of our actions.

We can’t drink oil or eat precious metal!

Bob Munneke, Aitkin

Out in the open

I see no way out of this gun crises we have, each side has dug in their heels pretty deeply. There is much to be said on both sides, but I believe that if there isn’t some movement by the gun proponents, it might come down to just that, gun control and they, the gun enthusiasts, are not going to like the outcome. Every one seems to forget the poor victims, those shot and killed or wounded. Those poor victims will have to pay for their hospital pay, not working and bringing home a paycheck, or burial expenses, loss of a bread winner or dad. I am advocating that every gun owner carry insurance on their guns, to pay for these expenses. Also no more concealed guns, all out in the open.

Wayne Halverson, Aitkin

Response to ‘It’s time to mine’

Response to ‘It’s time to mine’ by some of our legislators in Northern Minn. (Aitkin Age 07/31/2019)

Their first sentence is hard to fathom given its severity and presumption of certainty.  ‘The claims by metro legislators and anti-mining groups about the PolyMet Mining are downright fabrications.’ They go on about false information, including the science behind the questions that have not been addressed.  They state as fact: 1. PolyMet has undergone the most through and transparent environmental review??? 2. We live in a state with a long mining history. We know how to mine safely???

For these politicians to say these are ‘downright fabrications’ is an insult to those who believe in science and the health of our shared environment. The scientists and well educated people in Northern Minn., as well as those in the metro are not fabricators. To play this as a metro vs. rural is disgusting. This is a long-term issue, not a boom and bust issue. Or is it?

Their claim of transparency is very questionable given the news that during the environmental review process information was hidden from the public. Their second fact that we know how to mine has a problem in that this is a whole different ball game. The iron ore pits of past mining now have fish in them, not so with this lake of poison.

Let us get those short term jobs, and short term is the key. It will look good for a while, especially for those politicians in office now. But what is the message of bust, when the jobs and the mine are gone and they are too? What of the children of those fine jobs, what are they going to do, when the stores, shops, and schools close as in all mining operations? Come on legislators, fill in the gaps, tell us what will happen in 20-30 years after the mine closes and you have your retirement. These are legitimate questions that deserve a response.

What about the Big What Ifs; what happens if the dam fails? Reveal to us all, what will be the consequences for future generations if it fails. What if there is a terrorist with a little dynamite or a plane of destruction, a tornado, or the large rainfalls we see today? Who will put their finger in the dike to stop the flood? These are not pie in the sky questions, nor are they fabrications intended to stop mining. They are legitimate questions relating to the most pristine waters in this country.

Worst of all, tell me if it is true, that we are going to allow this foreign mining company to come in and use our pristine underground waters to mine, at just a few dollars per hundreds of thousands of gallons and turn it into poison. Please tell the people of Minnesota and all the other folks from around the world who come here because of these sky-blue waters that this is not so!

Donald Daher, Aitkin

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