Watching my garden grow

We work hard and plant all the seeds.

First up will likely be a weed.

Then admire it when it starts to show.

Between each row will till and hoe.

The radishes are in a long straight row,

The onion sets will be starting to grow.

Leaf lettuce so crisp, tender, and green.

A delicious wilted salad I seem to see.

There are more rows of fresh green peas,

For these are always sure to please.

Green beans are so good to eat,

Try steaming them for a real treat.

Cucumbers like being planted by the corn so tall,

With corn on the cob ready before fall.

There are plenty of carrots and some beets too.

Both are claimed to be good for you.

All the tomato plants are looking just great.

Each one in its own wooden tomato cage.

Save plenty space for the squash to run.

A healthy yellow food not well liked by some.

I usually planted more

potatoes than I should.

Those first new potatoes sure do taste good.

Gardening isn’t work, it’s more like fun.

Watching it grow luscious food for everyone.

Pearl Jensen, Aitkin

P.A.C.K.E.R.S. fan

I want to express appreciation to the Palisade Area Community Kids Education Resource Service located at the former Palisade School for opening its doors for us on Aug. 25. Gene Narr, our grandpa, had his viewing and several of us cousins wanted a place to go and take our minds off of our grief. Ron Nielsen was more than willing to open the doors to allow us to come in and blow off some steam and play.

Mark Mitchell, Fargo, N.D.

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