We will complete the last of the House proposals for the state agency funding bills. To date the House versions have called for major taxes increases, unneeded new programs, radical new policies, and/or spend state dollars where federal dollars could be used.

The bills do not properly focus on effectively aiding our workers and employers in recovering from the COVID-19 shutdown. We have about a $4 billion state budget surplus when the federal aid dollars are included. The Senate proposals include no tax increases and a more refined approach to getting our economy back on track.

We have the funds to fix the unwarranted state income tax on the federal unemployment dollars and the federal paycheck protection grants.

On other news, sentencing of Derek Chauvin will occur later this summer. Our National Guard and law enforcement did an outstanding job allowing peaceful demonstrations and preventing mayhem.

Sadly, some did cross the line, with gunshots being fired at our National Guard members. Elements of the nurses’ union and the Minneapolis Park Board were overtly inhospitable and disrespectful to the presence of the National Guard and state troopers. Please, let’s all remember these fine men and women are there to protect everyone’s safety.

We received important news on the battle against chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer and elk. Dr. Peter Larson at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary and Biomedical Science Department updated us on research the legislature funded on CWD. Larsen and his team are close to providing technology that will support a field test that could be used by hunters, live animal tests and environmental tests that can accurately detect CWD.

That’s great news. It is important to end the effort to put all deer and elk farmers out of business. Some individuals and groups are advocating for extermination of all farmed cervidae, I believe that is short-sighted.

We cannot create the tools necessary to effectively fight CWD unless we have live deer and elk in a controlled environment.

Dale Lueck (R) is the state representative for District 10B.

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