Maybe you can relate to this.

As a parent, when we have something fun planned, there is an internal struggle to A. Let the kids know what we are going to do, or B. Surprise them so they don’t ask over and over again, “When are we going to ...?”

I personally have a really hard time keeping secrets from my kids and because of that I’ve heard a lot of the “When are we going to …?” or my new favorite “I wish it was 10 days from now.”

If something changes and we can’t do the fun thing we had originally intended, there is a mountain of disappointment and a fleeting thought that next time maybe I won’t set them up for disappointment.

When it comes to the activities of the McGregor Area Chamber of Commerce for 2021, there is a similar struggle. We all want to go back to our favorite event or activity, but we struggle to make plans that we may have to cancel. Many of our businesses and organizations had to cancel major events last year and they too may be left wondering if 2021 will allow them to do the things they once did. The answer is always the same, “We just don’t know yet.”

So, what DO we know? We know that our tourism initiatives, Distance Yourself Here and decal promotion can continue. It has allowed the chamber to continue to market McGregor as a destination where you can still enjoy your favorite outdoor activities in a safe way. It has been successful and we have enjoyed seeing all of the photos and we know next summer there will be even more. Check it out on our website

We know that our businesses are resilient, some of them had no choice but shift the way they do business. They have continued to allow the chamber to support them with their efforts. We appreciate them and their success is at the forefront of why we do anything.

We know there is opportunity for growth! Despite the pandemic, the potential this area has is not going unnoticed. New businesses are choosing to start up locations here, seekers of business opportunities are looking at buying businesses that are for sale and current owners are expanding into new locations.

As far as events go, we are hopeful! We know that everyone is anxious for some normalcy and we are taking steps in the right direction and looking forward to seeing everyone at events soon.

Instead of “wishing it was a month from now,” we are continuing to do all we can to make the best of where we are at right now. Last year was something like we’ve never seen and we are going to take it in, learn from it and continue to grow.

Kari Horbacz is the executive director of the McGregor Area Chamber of Commerce.

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