The abortion issue has been a political hot topic for years. Whichever side you are on has strong feelings and beliefs attached and there is little middle ground. If you will continue reading some considerations may be in order. Yes, I am both pro-choice AND pro-life. By the way, if you have had an abortion or if you have encouraged someone to have an abortion please read to the end of this article in order to find some good news.

Pro-choice is a term associated with abortion. In that context it is a misleading term because it means pro-abortion. It is used to soften the act of abortion and is deceptive because it actually makes abortion sound more acceptable.  

Pro-choice is also a term that has been hijacked from the process of why a person may want an abortion. I am pro-choice concerning activity that may lead to pregnancy. It really goes without saying that most people know what activity can lead to a pregnancy. I was always taught that a person has a CHOICE to participate in or refuse from participating in the activity that can lead to a pregnancy. That is the point in the process that makes me say I am pro-choice. To use the term after a pregnancy has occurred is a deceptive way of disguising the activity of an abortion.

I hear those concerned about the cases when a pregnancy occurs because of rape or incest. Of all the abortions performed very few are cases of incest, rape and life of the mother, of all abortions performed less than 1/10th of 1%.

The next thing concerns me greatly; of all the women having an abortion 30-50% (depending on which study is reporting) identify as Bible believing and/or church attending Christians. There is something wrong with that picture!

The abortion debate comes down to one question. Why would a woman or the man that impregnated her want an abortion? The answer is really so simple and for me puts the practice of abortion in the proper place. Stop trying to figure out some complicated, sophisticated, psychological, philosophical, million-dollar answer. The answer is simple, ready; because she does not want to have a baby and/or the man that impregnated does not want her to have a baby. Let’s follow the science and draw the logical conclusion that a pregnancy is a baby.

I am pro-choice because both male and female can choose to participate or not to participate in the activity that leads to pregnancy. I am pro-life because once a pregnancy occurs the baby is alive and has the right to be born. It is time for everyone, both male and female, to accept personal responsibility for the choices made concerning activity that can lead to pregnancy, and once a pregnancy occurs for giving birth and raising a child.

I have some good news, if you have had an abortion or if you have encouraged someone to have an abortion, Jesus is very willing to forgive you and wants healing for you. Simply admit your poor choice and agree to change your way of life and way of thinking. To quote the Bible, Jesus said to someone caught in the act of making a poor choice, “… neither do I condemn you, go and do not do it again.” Jesus expects people to change their thinking and the direction of their lives after being forgiven. Acceptance and forgiveness are foundational principles of the message of Jesus.

We’ll see you in church.

Dallas Kurt Smith is a Pastor (retired) in Aitkin and Baxter.

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Very clearly stated Dallas. Thanks. Most pastors today lack the courage to speak this truth.

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