Though I didn’t find it online, I’m reasonably certain the last column I wrote for the Age showed up somewhere

since I read an article on the Age website in which the author emphatically stated that my statement that the Mueller report found no collusion was “false.”  The author, using a “summary of major findings” that appeared to be a document containing boilerplate points sourced from the DNC or CNN ideology playbook, posts in his tag line that he is an independent and served as an analyst for a couple of government entities. On the surface, I’m thinking this one is a Snopes wannabe or something.

It is interesting to see how individuals identify themselves and an extension of that is how some will address others. Years ago, a person close to me would often use the statement, “I’m going to offer you some constructive criticism!” You may have heard this used, and it doesn’t take long to figure out one is facing a major denigration session when hearing these words. In a nutshell, this person is taking occasion to tear you apart, and wants to feel superior about doing it.

The same scenario is often being played out in the political and editorial world. What better way to feel smug about your own superiority than to position yourself as an “independent” and have the appearance of being something like a referee. The problem is that there are no standards that apply. The other thing I’d like to note is that most persons who rise to a significant level in any organization, be it government or business, toe the ideological line in order to advance. With the revelations about the activities of the FBI and CIA in regards to the Trump campaign, I’m thinking an analyst working for the State Department or Defense Department probably spent more time producing documents that toed the ideological line rather than in true analysis. This tenet was obvious to me when reading the aforementioned dissertation by the self-identified “analyst”.

The truth about the Mueller Report is that it has essentially died, giving the Democrat wolfpack little or no ammunition, especially after Mueller appeared in congress and appeared not to know many key aspects of the report that carried his name.

Fortunately, the person close to me learned the error of using the term “constructive criticism” and became much easier to live with when she tried to include positive comments with her remarks and stopped using the term. No, it wasn’t Management. She’s up front about things and tells it pretty much how it is. Fortunately for me, she is generally supportive.

My remarks here are not at all meant to be constructive, in fact my intention is to destroy the ideology that has weaponized the forces of government against its duly elected leader. For the record, I was not a Trump supporter early on, and my vote for Trump, though solid, was done somewhat under duress. I knew he was a much better candidate than Hillary, but couldn’t we have done better?

Though he has an obviously checkered past, his decisions as president, often done in the midst of hard circumstances, have been solid in my estimation. I’ve learned to wait to pass judgment. Often when he wades into a fray, things are said that appear counterproductive, however he generally wends his way through to a good resolution.

Let’s see, Andrew McCabe has been recommended for prosecution for lying to investigators about leaking to news outlets. Not surprisingly, major news outlets are minimizing his predicament and the possibility of successful prosecution. We’ll see. A Politico article by Renato Mariotti noted that the case would be tried in Washington, DC, and it might be hard to find a jury to convict him since only 4.1 percent of the DC vote went to Trump in 2016. Mariotti may be right, ideology certainly appears to be more important than truth in our nation’s capitol today.

While the Justice Department declined to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey after the recent scathing Inspector General’s report about his actions in regards to his new boss, the report on the FBI activities in regards to the FISA court abuses is completed and awaiting release. Hopefully the truth about this sordid affair will come to light, and justice be served. I’m sure you will be deluged with many boilerplate summaries by self-proclaimed analysts, but don’t say you haven’t been forewarned. In many minds, ideology is more important than truth.

Rob Crowe is a northern Minnesota conservative Republican writer, one of the few known to exist ...

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Well Mr. Rowe, you said, I was not a Trump supporter early on, and my vote for Trump, though solid, was done somewhat under duress. I knew he was a much better candidate than Hillary, but couldn’t we have done better? MY View:I believe from former opinion s you wrote, you were very solid for trump, getting wishy washy? I have to disagree with you on Trump would have been a better president than Hillary, she was not a habitual liar. she would not have caused a bigger ball-out than Obama or bush. she would not had super secrets meeting with Putin without a witness, she would surely have make a better president, than your trump is.. by the way, are you still in Warroad, MN?


I am so proud of the limitations of Republicans on FISA court abuse, President Bush did masive abuse when he envoked the patriot act to get FISA court approval to wiretap an moniter americans, Bush opened the door under "past practice" for Obama , but all said and done, they enlisted all media, phone wifi. Facebook ect

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