The year was 1948

The Cleveland Indians won the World Series with Manager Lou Boudreau, also their shortstop. Michigan won the Rose Bowl beating Southern California 49-0 led by quarterback Bob Chappius.  I was 10 years old and in the fifth grade. 1948 also had a presidential election pitting President Harry Truman against challenger Thomas E. Dewey.

Remembering like it was yesterday, our fifth grade class held an election for president. I was the campaign organizer for President Truman. I liked him because he resembled my dad.

That fifth grade class had an even number of boys and girls, and the girls liked Dewey because he was cute. Confident I had counted enough Truman votes to win, I was crushed when he lost by one vote.  Instead of accepting the outcome, I accused our teacher Mrs. Ottem as voting for Dewey. She wasn’t happy about that and later kicked me out of school for something else I said.

Fortunately, Truman pulled off an upset when a few weeks later he won re-election. I was thrilled!

I thought about President Truman when the newspapers reported he was the last president to give a 4th of July speech prior to Donald Trump’s speech this year. Truman delivered that in 1951 to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

It’s fun to compare “lying Donald” and “give them hell Harry.” Truman later said “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.” Truman fought for providing health care for the elderly and was rewarded by President Johnson when he later gave Harry the Medicare card number one.    

Harry was also the only WWI vet to become president. In another contrast Trump ducked the Vietnam war because of a bone spur.

Another difference is that Trump never takes responsibility for problems and Truman proudly displayed his Oval Office desk sign, “The buck stops here.” Trump repeatedly blames the Democrats for the Mexican border chaos and his inability to get money for his wall. He wants us to forget that the Republicans had control of all branches of government for two years. So that “pass the buck” is just another Trump fabrication.

Another “buck” subject is the federal deficit and the growing national debt. During the 2016 campaign, Trump promised he would eliminate the $19 trillion debt in eight years. With his history of debt and serial bankruptcy, it makes Trump’s promise simply preposterous. And of course it was.

Under Trump, the deficit has increased every year and the 2019 and 2020 deficits will top $1 trillion per year. This tips economic theory on its head since in a strong economy the deficit is supposed to go down, not up. When Trump and the Republicans opened up the treasury and handed $1.5 trillion to billionaires and corporations, it was simply a crime of extortion.

Factoid: in the last 40 years only two presidents reduced the deficit during their terms, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Donald Trump has an even more fundamental problem than truth telling and soaring national debt. He is the shallowest and most insecure American president in memory. He has no sense of humor and carries a thinly-veiled hate for himself. His lack of self-love confirms the ancient teaching of Plato. In his “Republic” he concluded that men who seek “gain” are destined to the least happy life. By contrast those who seek “honor” are happier and those who seek “truth” are happiest of all.

Trump’s affinity for authoritarian world leaders reveals his insecurity and self-loathing. He admires brutal dictatorial leaders like Putin of Russia, Erdogan of Turkey, Duarte of the Philippines, bin Salmon of Saudi Arabia and Kim of North Korea. No American president before Trump has ever turned his back on our democratic allies preferring to play footsy with leading abusers of human rights.

Trump can’t take criticism because of his insecurity and his worst fear is that someday he might be found out. Pathetically, it’s widely known that he even cheats on the golf course.

Morally and ethically bankrupt, unhappy Trump seeks love in all the wrong places.

David Strand lives near Aitkin.

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1948. Yup, that's what folks on Cedar Lake are interested in. You betcha! But I understand why David doesn't want to talk about the past two and a half years: Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – As messy and unfair as the process was, his confirmation secures another conservative jurist with an originalist constitutional approach and a restrained view of judicial power. With Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh in place, Trump has kept his promise to remake the high court with young, conservative thinkers. Confronting China – Much of the heartland anxiety that vaulted Trump into the Oval Office emanates directly from the abusive economic warfare waged by China for decades against the United States. At long last, those workers find a champion in Donald Trump, who slapped serious tariffs upon Beijing and finally forced the regime to negotiate fairly. America now embraces its strong bargaining position and demands reciprocity in trade and an end to rampant industrial theft and piracy. Middle-Class Wages Rise – Incomes in general soared in 2018, with average hourly earnings finally eclipsing 3 percent growth for the first time since before the Great Recession. The news is even better for blue-collar workers, who now realize wage growth above that of white-collar workers for the first time in nearly a decade. U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal – Trump proved that America welcomes equitable global commerce by cementing a badly needed modernization of NAFTA. The USMCA provides a template for other such trade pacts and effectively isolates China’s increasingly untenable posture. Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal – Gone are the days of coddling the mullahs who have terrorized America and our allies for decades. Instead of counting the billions of dollars of cash sent via secret nighttime flights by the Obama administration, the Tehran regime now faces a U.S. leadership determined to thwart its tyranny and prevent its nuclearization. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Trump proved once again how differently he governs compared to Washington norms. Past presidents promised for decades to make this move and U.S. law has required it since 1995, but only President Trump made good on his pledge, honored our ally, and recognized the obvious reality that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. Smashing the ISIS Caliphate and Exiting Syria – Unlike his predecessor, who haughtily dismissed and ignored the ISIS threat as terrorists’ “JV team,” President Trump smartly dispatched limited U.S. troops to help our partners erase the territorial caliphate that had inflicted unspeakable human rights abuses. Just as importantly, Trump also announced the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, placing the primary burden for ongoing stability upon regional powers Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  This president will not repeat the disastrous nation-building mistakes of Presidents Bush and Obama.   Increasing Minority Jobs – If Trump is actually racist, as biased mainstream media “journalists” often claim, he’s remarkably bad at it, because people of color have thrived under the pro-growth policies of the Trump Boom. Black joblessness in 2018 reached the lowest levels ever recorded.  For Hispanics, in history there have been a total of 14 months with a jobless rate under 5 percent -- and 13 of those months have unfolded under the leadership of President Trump.  Small business dynamism is particularly crucial for minority advancement, and small business surveys report optimism among entrepreneurs at record highs in 2018. Holding the Line with Migrant Caravans – In the face of continual demagoguery from liberal politicians and their allies in the legacy media, President Trump took a tough and principled stance against would-be trespassers.  Lawless caravans assault our sovereignty and abuse our generous asylum statutes.  Such provocations validate the need for a border wall along with reforms to immigration laws.   Record American Oil Production – In 2018, the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. Through aggressive regulatory relief and pro-energy moves like green-lighting the Keystone XL pipeline, President Trump paved the way for an independent energy future.


Another policy, the infamous Green New Deal, David and his candidates are promoting: Radically transforming energy consumption under the "Green New Deal" would cost the average household at least $70,000 in the first year of its rollout, and a cool quarter-million dollars total after five years, a new study concluded. The study, released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) on Tuesday, July 29, 2019 looked at a wide swath of data to estimate how transforming the energy sector -- which includes de-carbonizing transportation and retrofitting U.S. commercial and residential buildings -- would affect the average household. Within the first year of implementing the program, the average household in the U.S. would incur at least $70,000 in expenses -- followed by roughly $45,000 in annual expenses for each of the following 2-5 years and over $37,000 after that time frame. Leading progressive candidates have not only endorsed the GND, but also sought public support from its visionary, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. A slew of other candidates -- including the party's frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden -- have endorsed the basics of the project. The Green New Deal would be a disaster for the folks of Aitkin county.


Aitkinites are smart...and familiar with this data, but it's worth repeating when someone like David pushes so hard to regain political power: JULY 13, 2018 Where Democrats rule, cities crumble. The worst cities in the country are all run by Democrats, and it’s been this way by decades. CBS: Washington D.C. may be the nation’s capitol, but a new survey is also calling it the “worst-run” city in America. Personal finance website WalletHub has released its rankings for the worst big cities in the country. Washington D.C. Detroit, Mich. New York City, N.Y. San Francisco, Calif. Gulfport, Miss. Oakland, Calif. Chattanooga, Tenn. Flint, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Hartford, Conn. The District of Columbia earned the “Worst City when It Comes to Budget per Capita.” Detroit came in last for financial stability and overall economy. St. Louis had the worst score for safety. Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Bakersfield, and Riverside have the worst air pollution. CBS reports that “One thing every big city has in common are major roadways, traffic, and a reputation for pollution. In those fields, California cities were found to be the worst in the country. In road quality, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Fremont, Oakland, and San Francisco all tied for the worst streets in the U.S.” And...all ten of the nation’s “Worst-Run” Cities are run, for a very long time, by Democrats. Let that sink in. Anyone sense a pattern? And David to pushing hard for his party regain control at the national level to continue this madness.


This is reflective of the type of leaders & policies David supports: Forty-eight people were shot, nine fatally, over the weekend in Democrat-controlled Chicago. CBS - Chicago reports that the shooting victims included people walking, standing outside gas stations, and standing on sidewalks. In one of the incidents a 15-year-old, 14-year-old, and a 10-year-old were shot when a Toyota drove by the sidewalk on which they were standing and opened fire. The wounds proven superficial and the three boys “were in good condition at Stroger Hospital.” The most recent fatality of the weekend occurred just before 5 a.m. Police found a 24-year-old man “dead in the North Lawndale neighborhood.” He had “multiple gunshot wounds, including to his face and head.” The four dozen victims shot July 26-28 are only the latest in a string of victims in Democrat-controlled Chicago. At least 43 where shot, two fatally, over the weekend of July 19-21, at least 41 people were shot, nine fatally, over the weekend of July 12-14, and at least 66 were shot, five fatally, over the Fourth of July weekend. Fifty-six were shot, four fatally, the weekend prior to the Fourth. This is Obama's Chicago, a "gun-free" zone...and this is what David is wishing for Minnesota...and Aitkin county.


Just a few months ago, the Democrats in Wisconsin put forth a resolution to honor former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a Milwaukee native. It's been the position for two years now by David and his party to "honor" this American who continually disrespects our American flag, what it stands for and our veterans.

The Wisconsin Assembly did pass a resolution to honor Black History Month with all Republicans voting for it...and not one Democrat. And David still can't figure out why the DFL lost in his district. 


And where is the average American citizen, the average Aitkinite, in Trumps efforts to Make America Great Again, Make Aitkin Great Again? Let's look at the numbers:

The numbers don't lie – Trump movement growing by putting America first

A movement started in 2016, and it’s been fueling amazing growth for both our country and the Republican Party ever since.

While it’s true that nearly 6 million jobs have been created since President Trump took office, it’s also true that many Americans are supporting the Republican Party for the first time thanks to the president. This is a movement of everyday Americans from every walk of life.

The data doesn’t lie.

During the 2016 election campaign, President Trump inspired millions of Americans with the simple promise that he would "Make America Great Again" through "America First" policies. The media, and David, wrote that message off as a meaningless campaign slogan, but millions of Americans across this country, including Aitkin, knew better.

Since then, both the economy and the Republican Party have been flourishing, fueled by a president who is delivering on his promises for all Americans. Thanks to Donald Trump’s leadership, the Republican Party is now synonymous with freedom, economic prosperity and security.

The data shows that this movement is growing. President Trump’s rallies consistently draw well over 30,000 attendees, whether they take place in a remote airport hangar or a major sports arena. Just last month, his 2020 campaign kickoff rally in Orlando received more than 120,000 RSVPs for a venue that could accommodate 20,000. The same routine plays out at every rally: people start lining up days in advance to make sure they can get a seat, because they know that thousands of people will end up watching the president’s speech on jumbotrons from the parking lot once attendance reaches capacity. We’ve never seen the same level of enthusiasm or support for Democrats, especially for any of their 2020 presidential candidates. Why? Their policies are anti-American.

The data also proves that this movement includes all Americans. Earlier this year, President Trump held a rally in El Paso, Texas at which over a quarter of those who registered had not voted in more than eight years and 27% were Millennials or younger. In Orlando, one-third of the registrants were not regular voters, and over 15% were 32 years of age or younger. In El Paso, over 70% of the registrants were Latino and 35% of them were registered Democrats. The president’s "America First" message clearly has broad appeal for Americans of every demographic.

Since 2016, the Republican Party has trained more than 50,000 new volunteers and registered nearly 7 million new Republican voters. The RNC and the Trump campaign are hard at work all over the country, recruiting, training, and energizing the next generation of Republicans to win big in 2020.

Let's see how many attend the Aitkin County DFL Annual Fundraiser on October 6th at Long Lake Conservation Center. But more importantly, let's hear what their platform is. It will continue to have "less than nothing" if it doesn’t overlap with Trumps Republican agenda. Aitkinites believe in, are passionate for, "putting America first, putting Aitkin first", as Trump has.


Let's look at another fresh issue where David and the Democrats are on the "wrong side of history" as they say...Trump speaking the truth about Baltimore being rat infested. Here's a short summary of an interview last night with Ben Carson, Trumps appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and a long time Baltimore resident:

“Well, first of all, you know, as a pediatric neurosurgeon, I spent many hours, sometimes operating all night long trying to give children of Baltimore and other places around the world a second chance at life,” Carson said. “And usually, we were successful. But a few days later, I was in a horrible dilemma, because some of those kids had to go back into homes in East Baltimore that were infested with rats and roaches and ticks and mold and lead and violence. And I didn’t want to send them back. Sometimes I would even consider, you know, extra tests so they could stay in the hospital an extra day or two. But now, fortunately, God’s given me an opportunity to do something about it. And that’s one of the reasons I’m delighted to be in this administration.

President Trump is working very hard – in fact, I asked him today, would you be willing to work with Elijah Cummings to bring some relief to the people of Baltimore? He said he would be happy to. But in the meantime, he’s going to continue with the programs, you know, like the opportunity zones, which get people to take money and invest it into the areas that are distressed. There are 149 of them in Maryland. But, also, you know, unemployment is at a very low level. Manufacturing is coming back. Wages are going up, you know, prison reform. All of these things are happening. These are not things that a person who is a racist would do. And we allow ourselves to be distracted by these things.”

Tell me David...What did Obama do for Baltimore, and all the other top ten Democratically controlled, crime infested cities, over his eight years?


Speaking of unjustly calling folks racists, just last week nearly 3,100 Federal inmates were freed under the prison reform law initiated and signed into law by President Trump.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons freed over 3,000 inmates under a criminal justice reform measure, the largest group to be released in decades and since President Donald Trump signed the bipartisan First Step Act into law less than seven months ago.

The law’s Second Chance Hiring Program funds job training and re-entry initiatives to help former prisoners gain employment. Trump outlined the major public-private partnership last month at the White House.

The Justice Department announced the release of the inmates last Friday, saying it was the result of an increase in “good conduct time” under the First Step Act that rewards prisoners with shorter sentences for good behavior.

“Starting today at prisons around the country, nearly 3,100 inmates are being released from Bureau of Prisons custody due to the increase in good conduct time applied to reduce their sentences under the First Step Act,” Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen told reporters last Friday.

Most of the new inmates set for release had drug-related criminal records and lived in halfway houses across the country, acting Bureau of Prisons chief Hugh Hurwitz said at a news conference in Washington.

Through the First Step Act, inmates had an opportunity to get their sentence time reduced and participate in recidivism programs.

To prepare for their release, the Justice Department said, the nearly 3,100 inmates worked with probation offices to create “individualized release plans” to “ensure a smooth transition.”

These plans included drug treatment, post-release employment aid, and youth mentorship, among others.

“Our communities are safer when we do a better job of rehabilitating offenders in our custody and preparing them for a successful transition to life after incarceration,” Attorney General William Barr said in a prepared statement.

Barr added: “The Justice Department is committed to and has been working towards full implementation of the First Step Act, which will help us effectively deploy resources to help reduce risk, recidivism, and crime.”

Another major development related to implementation of the First Step Act is what officials call the Risk and Needs Assessment System.

According to the Justice Department, the system will “help identify all federal inmates who would qualify for pre-release custody by participating in recidivism reduction programming and/or productive activities.”

Although the vast majority of these inmates are black, David and the democrats continue to call the president a racist....that's very bizarre at best.


Here's a Trump success near and dear to all Americans, all Aitkinites. Energy - oil, gas, propane and natural gas. 

Just a few months ago, the U.S. exported more oil than we imported, for the first time in 70-plus years. And it happened not because of Obama's federal "energy policies," but in spite of them. It was a bi-partisan effort by government to hinder energy resource development...until Trump came on the scene. 

Since Richard Nixon was in the White House, presidents have pushed national energy plans that, they said, would reduce the country's dependence on foreign oil. These plans all had one thing in common — they all assumed that increased domestic oil production couldn't solve the problem.

Instead, from Nixon on down, Republican and Democratic presidents declared that the only way to achieve energy independence was through some combination of strict conservation measures and "alternative" forms of energy.

Nixon declared that "the answer to our long-term needs lies in developing new forms of energy." He promised to spend $10 billion researching it. Nixon also announced "a conservation drive" that he said would cut personal energy consumption by 5%. And he proposed creating a new Department of Energy.

A few years later, Jimmy Carter signed the Energy Security Act of 1980, which created the disastrous Synthetic Fuel Corporation, calling it "the cornerstone of U.S. energy policy." He imposed fuel economy mandates on cars. And he urged people to turn down their thermostats in the winter.

Bill Clinton proposed creating "energy independent areas" that relied on renewables, efficiency, and homegrown energy. He claimed these would "prove to the rest of the world that energy independence built on clean energy can occur."

George W. Bush said in 2006 that "America is addicted to oil." The next year he signed the "Energy Independence and Security Act," which imposed tougher fuel-efficiency standards on vehicles, mandated ethanol use in gasoline, and imposed various new conservation mandates.

Barack Obama continued to advocate these well-trod prescriptions, while repeatedly insisting that America could not "drill our way" to independence...and signed executive orders preventing us from doing so.

None of it worked. Except for a brief respite in the early 1980s (when Ronald Reagan decontrolled oil prices) oil imports steadily increased.

Then President Donald Trump took office and announced a radical departure from 50 years of received energy "wisdom." In a speech to the Energy Department months after taking office, he said that for decades leaders peddled the myth of energy scarcity. Most of it is self-imposed, he said. What the country needs, he said, isn't "alternative" energy, or new austerity measures. It's a government that "promotes energy development." Trump listed actions he was taking to lift federal impediments to energy production.

Lo and behold, Trump was right.

Advanced drilling technologies then opened vast expanses of domestic oil and natural gas. And as domestic production skyrocketed, imports have been steadily dropping.

Trump doesn't deserve the all credit for this boom, oil companies do as well. But unlike his predecessors, Trump understands that energy independence doesn't require yet another "energy plan" that tells people to wear more sweaters in the winter and wastes money on "new" energy sources.

It just requires government to get out of the way so that oil companies can get at the vast supplies of good old oil and gas right under U.S. soil.

Yet we've got David, and the Aitkin DFLers fighting the Keystone and Enbridge 3 pipe lines. Build more windmills they say. My 2003 F150 doesn't run well on wind, nor will it fill my propane tank.


I could easily go on and on with the Trump successes, and might. But you get my point. Leftists like David love to speak pretentiously, rhetorically. It part, because it's their nature. But in the case when speaking of Trump, they have no choice. They have nothing substantive to say. Trump has them trumped. Trump was/is sincere, when he says "Make America Great Again", put American interests first. Americans...and Aitkinites understand that's not hateful, it's common sense. He's doing the common sense things he said he would. It's why Americans love him.  

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