Trump doesn’t even love himself.

This country is in real trouble. It is led by a person who is incapable of bringing our people together. He values only money. An example of this shallowness occurred early in his term.

Our president bestowed the honor to Saudi Arabia for his first visit to a foreign country. Did he forget that of the 9/11 terrorists, 16 of the 19 were Saudi citizens? Obviously more important to Trump is that nearly 2,000 members of their royal family own luxurious homes and apartments they bought from Trump Realty.

Being a kingdom means you don’t have to bother with elections. An additional benefit is the ability to eliminate political enemies by dismembering them. In other words, it is ruled by killers.

In addition, Trump is no gentleman. He treats women like dirt, even a head-of-state woman. Angela Merkel has led Germany for over 12 years, the most powerful country in the European Union. Merkel was trained as a nuclear physicist and has more smarts in her little pinkie than the whole of our president.

Our president is furious with Merkel because she led the entire EU to join the Paris Climate Change Accord, following the lead of former president Obama. Anything that is attached to Obama is Kryptonite to Trump.

And there’s Russia. Nothing would please its leader Putin more than the destruction of NATO. After World War II America built the bulwark of the Transatlantic Alliance. It is the most successful peace-keeping structure the world has ever seen.

Since his election, President Trump has failed to say anything critical about Putin. Trump even opposed all U.S. intelligence agencies when they concluded Russia attacked our 2016 presidential election.

One very big question looms over the relationship of the United States and Russia. What does Putin have on Trump that scares him to death? Threats from Putin are no small matter. He has had Soviet dissidents wiped out many times. As a former KBG agent, he knows how it’s done.

 It’s a coincidence that Russia and Saudi Arabia both rely on oil and gas commodities for their economies. That makes a convenient Trump policy to oppose the development of alternative energy like solar and wind.

It’s interesting to compare Barack Obama’s capacity to express love to Donald Trump’s complete lack of it. Obama spent nearly all of his political capital to pass Obamacare. It added more than 20 million to the insured, driving the percentage of uninsured Americans to below 10%. This fact alone saved hospitals over $100 billion because far fewer uninsured used emergency rooms. Billions more could have been saved but many Republican states refused Medicaid expansion, even though federal money was available to pay for the expansion.

The Trump Administration is still fighting to kill Obamacare even though we are in a medical crisis with our global pandemic. The timeliness is utterly senseless.

Also Trump is furious when he is reminded how popular Obama is. Based on votes cast in presidential elections, except for Dwight Eisenhower, Barack Obama is the most popular two-term president since WW II. He and Ike are the two presidents who twice garnered more than 50% of the votes.

Now celebrating the July 4th birth of our nation, our president had the perfect opportunity to deliver healing words to a divided nation. Sadly in two addresses, at Mount Rushmore July 3, and a day later from the White House lawn, President Trump chose the opposite. He could have reminded the nation of our precious First Amendment and sacred right to protest, and differences of opinion are necessary to make a country better. Instead Trump made two speeches to deepen our differences, to drive us further apart.

The Declaration of Independence says it all. The love of our country and the love of each other is desperately needed now. This is the biggest job of our president and he has no idea how to do it.

The final sentence of the Declaration:

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

David Strand lives near Aitkin.

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Promoting racial hated isn't love. If there's any one thing Obama did for blacks, it was make them feel content with not working, and making them feel more sorry for themselves as people by blaming all their problems on cops and white people. He knowing did that with evil intentions, that's pure evil, not love.


David...Let me add a little factual color to just how much of a hater blacks think Trump is, in contrast to Obama:

Polling on racial relations turned overwhelmingly negative during the last half of Obama’s administration. Nearly 70% of Americans said in July 2016 that race relations were bad, a level not seen since the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, a New York Times/CBS News poll published that month and year show.

The poll found that 60% of American voters said race relations were growing worse, up from 2015, when 38% of people expressed a similar view.

The downward trajectory coincided with the blossoming of the Black Lives Matter movement which began under Obama with his encouragement. 

When five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas by a black Army veteran, Obama told audience members at the police officers’ memorial service on July 11, 2016 that, “We cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in protest as troublemakers or paranoid.” If that's your definition of love David, you're worshiping the wrong God. .

The July 2016 NYT poll showed three-quarters of black people said police are more likely to use deadly force on an African American over a white person. Obama did nothing to correct this lie. While satisfaction with race relations jumped during Trump’s first three years in office.

A Gallup survey conducted in January 2020, for instance, recorded a double-digit increase (14 percentage points) in public satisfaction with the state of race relations in the country. Only 22% of people held a satisfactory view on race at the end of the Obama-era, with that number jumping to 36% in January, Gallop’s survey showed.

Satisfaction also increased between six and nine points regarding the position of black people and other racial minorities in January, according to the Gallup poll. Trump and White House officials cited the historic low black unemployment rate for reasons why attitudes on race were in positive territory at that time.

Black unemployment reached a record low during the first two years of the Trump administration, with only 5.9% claiming unemployment in May 2018. An all time record since blacks were freed in 1865. 

Richard Dalton II

Blah, blah, blah. David your left wing blather has turned into outright lying.

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