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 Well, folks, there are traditions and then there are traditions. The one at Kinnick Stadium, home of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team, stands …

Well folks, there are two big matchups on tap this week for the Aitkin Gobblers. 

So I just looked it up. The first day of fall this year is Sept. 22. I was wrong, thought it had already passed, like right after Labor Day. O…

Those who know me know that not much scares me. They also know that I have a relatively flat and large yard … right next to a swampy field.

Have you ever had a brush with fame?

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  Well folks, the high school football season gets underway for the Aitkin Gobblers and most other high schools this week and the goals are th…

Small towns are known for their familiarity. Part of it is the human scale of many small communities in Minnesota. It’s hard not to be noticed…

I’m having one of those weeks where everything is breaking, my sanity included by the end of it. 

I have been called a control freak in the past. That might not come as a shock to some.

Well folks, Gobbler softball fans, what an announcement last week as Megan Buchholz, the ace of this past season softball team signed to play …

It’s Friday, near the middle of August, the weather is drizzly and cool, Donald is in the news, still, and it’s that time of year to pick some…

Latest e-Edition-Aitkin

Latest e-Edition

“Oh Sandy, Why yi-yi-yi?”

Well folks, another Aitkin All-Class Reunion is history and what a wonderful job Wendy Tarr Johnson and Gary Tibbitts and their commitee did i…

It was a warm summer day in 2017 when she chose me.

It’s hard to believe, but the day that I met my dog, Emma Lou, was nine years ago. 

In my 10-year-old mind, Main Street hill in Mankato was massive. Even today, the hill, which spans roughly four city blocks, is not one you’d …

 Well folks, the Aitkin All-Class Reunion is upon us and close to 800 former Gobblers will be in town for the rest of the week. 

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I told myself I can’t leave for home until I’ve written out my column for this week. It’s Wednesday, I’ve got time, but I’ll sleep much better…

There’s this woman I met a few years ago. I call her Susan. I call her Susan because, well, that is her name. 

So last weekend we went down by Cambridge to watch our 12-year-old granddaughter play some softball. 

So, as I wrote about last week, I recently made a trip back “home.” 

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