Well hell, it looks to be another of those happy go lucky days, earlier than 6 a.m., a dark early October morning, the day ahead on his mind, the day behind vague so it must have been a good day.

There was some rain, a little sun, the Twins lost another big one, whew. “So what else is going on,” he thought to himself; thought maybe he’d put up a little wood, finish filling the wood shed. Six cords stacked long, wide and high to the roof, and he’s feeling good. Keep them outside world views, opinions and heavy happenin’s off his mind for another day, hallelujah!

Get outdoors, don an extra shirt and take the early stroll to get started; there’s some light coming through this dark early October morning! A hot, black cup of coffee and contemplate what the day through this early damp air brings. Clouds low, grass is wet, crisp, fog-like dew is hugging the ground. The changing fall colors look hazy, heavy in the morning mist. Not brilliant. Not dazzling, just right! A few maple and red oak here and there showing their red glow once the sky lightens up. Funny how fast these days go by as the night darkness lingers later into the morning; funny too, how daylight doesn’t linger longer into the night… “so what else is going on these days and nights?” he wondered. Fast response, “not heavy stuff!”

Pick some garden, what little’s left: Brussels sprouts after frost, last of the squash and second crop raspberries before frost … easy. Split and plant some more perennials. Got some real nice horseradish roots to dig up for a dozen half-pints. I like putting up horseradish. Fun, outdoor job. Potato-fork the big roots, leave the small roots in for next year. Peel it, cut it, dice it … all cool, hardly any heat. Take a bite, kind of pungent, a little heat. Start smashing and grinding, have some vinegar handy to cut it, be outside, and “ooh, ooh that smell, that burning smell!” A couple horseradish enzymes in the root go to work to make real heat as soon as it’s ground, gets hotter by the second until you add vinegar. A little hotter is good, a little hotter yet is good, burns the nose. A lot hotter is chlorophyll-like! Like a “who can handle the hottest horseradish”  contest. Maybe get it about as hot as a cayenne, a delicacy! So that takes care of the vegetable, horseradish and perennial gardening. “We done well, dear!” Till the weeds, cover the strawberries, come on snow and cold, good for the winter and it’s been another good year in the garden for you n’ me!

So what else is going on? A fall four-wheel ride to Swatara, up to the top of Quadna, see almost to old 35 and Shovel Lake. God’s country, they say! Matter-of-fact, first I’ll head from Swatara, take the Soo Line to Shovel Lake as far as the trestle high over the Willow, contemplate the low, slow Willow River this year and commit to a daylong kayak ride past our old farm next year. Done!

Halloween! We got Halloween coming up in a few weeks. Buy some candy just in case some of those kids and grownups come up the hill. Doubtful they will, they usually don’t, but we do want to be welcoming and ready in case. Boo! Get some Snickers for sure. What if some boogaloo boys and proud friends decide to show up with some mischief on their mind, tip over the outhouse, scrounge for the MAGA millions and other nonsense! “Hurry ma, get out the candy bars. This is heavy stuff!” Whew, saved by the Snickers for another happy go-lucky sunny day.

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