What if Kanye West had won the election?

Now, I did not vote for Kanye but I do know someone who did. I was wondering what would have happened to us all if Kanye would have won so I did some research on the man I knew absolutely nothing about.

I didn’t know that Kanye is worth roughly $3.3 billion. I didn’t know that he dropped out of college to pursue his musical dreams. I also did not know that he is not only an artist, he is a producer and a fashion designer. West has expressed interest in acting, filmmaking, architecture and in 2012 he became more heavily interested in politics and politicians.

In 2020, West ran for president. According to Wikipedia, President Trump praised West during his speech at the Young Black Leadership Summit, adding “I think Kanye may be the most powerful man in all of politics,” referring to a story on West’s effect on African-Americans. West ran as an independent under the “Birthday Party.”

After reading more and more about Kanye, I can relate to a lot of the information I found (besides the being worth billions part, I wish I could relate to that). I can support some things from varying political parties and wish I could take the best of each candidate and make one “super” candidate. I guess I think that may be what Kanye was trying to do.

Some people speculate that West ran for president as a publicity stunt. After investigating him myself (through a series of articles/interviews and, of course, Wikipedia), I don’t agree with that speculation. I think that he genuinely seems to care about  human dignity, basic rights and freedoms. I think he would have plenty to learn about actual political issues but he has heart. I have watched some awards shows where West has displayed “temper tantrums.” I guess I really don’t have anything to say about that because everyone I see and am around on an almost daily basis including myself has “temper tantrums.” Maybe we all have a little growing up to do.

West seems to be a giant ego maniac and extremely humble at the same time, appears to love his late mother, wife and children very much.  

When I found out that Kanye West’s name was going to appear on the election ballot, I was instantly angry. I thought it was a complete joke and waste of time. I was wrong. Something I learned from researching West is that people can surprise me. I shouldn’t judge people I don’t know.

West was quoted as saying “Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it?” I was just thinking about something similar to this the other day. Would you stand for what is right even if it meant you had to stand alone?

The world, the country, even our own little community is at odds with each other over our differences of opinion. These differences of opinions are invoking so much anger and hateful comments and actions that I have feelings of hopelessness.

Even “good” news stories like paying it forward at the drive-through a few towns over is getting hateful and negative comments. I have “heard” some of the most calm, loving people I have ever met calling others names because they don’t see things the way that person sees them.

What will we do? Will we continue fighting like tantrum-throwing children?

I wonder if I can take a step back and try to see something from all sides instead of making an instant judgment and reacting to that judgment.

Does it really affect me what someone says about Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Is there any possible way to make everyone happy about the Line 3 Replacement Project? If I am wearing a mask and following protocols, should I really get so angry at the person in the public place not wearing a mask?

Just like everyone else, I want to get through the storm. I want to see the sunshine on the other side. I want to enjoy the small rainbow breaks in between. I want my history “book” to record how I stood for what I believed in. Even if it meant I stood alone. I will be the change I want to see.

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