Emma Louise

Emma Louise

I am holding Emma right now. Emma is crying and so am I.

Emma came into our lives Aug. 19, 2019. She was already 16 years old. She is a female Shih-Tzu Poodle mix. Emma was a hospice rescue through Scooby’s Animal Mission. Emma’s family had to move and could not take her with them. They were filled with sadness for having to surrender her.

When  she arrived, she took a liking to my daughter and grandson almost immediately. She was also constantly searching for her family, she would sniff around and try to run down the street in the direction they went. It was heartbreaking.

Emma did not take a liking to me, however. She didn’t want anything to do with me and had no trouble letting me know it. Being that she is a hospice dog, I made her a promise that she would not be alone and that she will know that she is loved. What I really wanted was for her to at least like me. I wanted her to love me.

I found out some of Emma’s favorite things during our first summer and fall together. I think her favorite thing of all is that she absolutely loves to be outside. When she walks around outside she doesn’t just walk, she struts. She is pretty and she knows it!

During this last couple of months, Emma’s physical health has been steadily declining. The last few days she barely gets up long enough to take a drink and eat a bit of food. Walking and breathing are taking up all of her energy. My son sleeps next to her at night so she will not wake up alone and frightened. She has also tolerated me lately. She lets me hold her and pet her. I am so grateful to be a part of her life.

Back to today. Today is a hard day for us and for Emma. It is raining out off and on but she seems to be more comfortable outside. So, I wrapped her up like a baby in a blanket and we stood outside in the rain together. Emma’s breathing seemed to get just a little easier and her body relaxed. She looked at me right in the eyes and I knew. Emma loves me. She also knows that I love her.

We are back inside the house now and she is taking a nap on the floor near my son.

I don’t think that it will be long now.

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