In the age of the internet, I think it’s fair to say most of us have friends or family scattered all over the country.

In the last three weeks, it seems all of my friends and family have had a common enemy – the weather. Whether it was the sub-zero temperatures with -50 degree windchills here in Minnesota, or sub-freezing temperatures with no snow in South Carolina, we all had a little – or in some cases, a lot – of something to complain about.

My friend Kerry and I joke a lot about the weather. I envy her 40- and 50-degree days during the winter, she envies my ability to go without air conditioning all but two-three months of the year.

This past week, neither of us was happy. She had the cold temperatures, but none of the moisture. It’s been four years since she’s had any snow in Columbia, S.outh Carolina, and dagnabit, she wants the white stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure my mother would be happy to ship my friend Kerry some of that snow. Seventeen inches of snow cover might not sound like a lot in many places, but I’m also going to point out that the snow is considerably deeper than that in places.

Or, as my mom put it last week, “the pile along the driveway is over my head!” My mom is about 6 feet tall, so you can imagine the plow piles. Personally, when I was a kid, that would have been an invitation to build a snow fort. Then again, they’ve had the same cold temps down in southeast Wisconsin as we have here, so I’m pretty sure building a snow fort wouldn’t be much fun right now.

Then there’s my friend, Dawn – and my mom’s friends Tom and Kitty. All three are in Texas right now and they are all suffering. The temperature down there dipped into the single digits and has been well below freezing now for a few weeks. They’ve received snow, but with this last bout of cold temperatures they have also lost utilities.

The last I checked, my friend had no running water. They’ve been surviving on soda, lemonade and beer, plus whatever snow they can melt. What we take for granted as just the winter cold has thrown Texas for a loop.

We all seem to want what we don’t have for the weather, no matter what the season. At this point, I’m grateful to be moving toward warmer temperatures as I write this Feb. 16.

I know I’m not alone in that happiness, but spare a prayer for everyone dealing with the unfortunate effects of cold temperatures – both here and there.

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