Does anyone else remember their favorite toys from their childhood?

Even worse, do you still want to own them now?

I love a good step back into what made me happy as a child, whether it be toys, music, movies or even games. There’s so much of my childhood that I remember happily, and it’s fun taking that step back.

By sharing some of this, I’m sure I’ll be betraying my age. What’s even funnier is that many of the toys I enjoyed as a child are making comebacks, and songs and movies are being remade – normally not with the same quality of the original, but hey, you can’t have everything.

So, today’s trip down memory lane:

• Every once in a while I go on eBay and search “Fisher Price Little People.” Scroll past the current versions and look for the ones marked vintage, and you’ll have one of my favorite childhood toys.

I had the school house, the Tudor house and the Sesame Street pieces, as well as the service station with the cars and elevator. I know I played with the castle, too, and the airplane, but I can’t remember if I owned them.

Best of all, though, was the McDonald’s I got one year. Complete with a drive-through and cars, places to drop food trays and square-based pieces (versus the round bottoms most Little People toys are known for), I truly spent most of my youngest years playing with these sets and imagining being in charge.

• Speaking of McDonald’s, does anyone remember the old-fashioned playgrounds? Today’s versions don’t count.

I’m talking the indoor – and outdoor –  playgrounds with the “Officer Big Mac” jail (you climbed up in the middle and came out in a big circular space with bars), and the Grimace...well, I guess you can call it the shaker. You stood instead and rocked it so you moved and shook. It was more fun than it sounds, trust me.

There were Captain Crook metal slides, Hamburgler swings, merry-go-rounds (both of the powered and foot-powered variety), and the large number of rocky-things. Yes, rocky things – on springs, and you rocked on them back and forth.

Ah, the days.

• A trip back to my childhood would not be complete without talking about my favorite movies then – and still two of my favorite movies now. Ironically, they are tied together.

When I was about 10 or so, I had a choice of seeing either “The Karate Kid” or “The Neverending Story” with a friend. She wanted Ralph Macchio because of, well, Ralph Macchio. I wanted the fairy-tale story, and I ended up winning the argument.

I still love both films today – “Neverending Story” because of the music and the message of keeping our dreams alive, and “Karate Kid” because of its common-sense approach to teaching history and life lessons.

Because, let’s face it – if you can catch a fly with chopsticks, you really can do anything, and, well, if you walk down the middle, chances are you really WILL get “squished like grape.”

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