Just in case some don’t realize how amazing humans are, I want to refresh everyone.

Our species’ success can be traced back to ancient times. Humans were the most terrifying predator on the planet (and we still are, really), because we embraced a technique called persistence hunting.

The concept of persistence hunting is that, while slow, humans can travel for incredible distances without needing to stop and rest. This is not the case for many other animals such as deer, moose, bears or other species considered prey by ancient humans, as these species tire quickly and die of fatigue long before humans do. All humans need to do is follow prey until they pass out from exhaustion. We are natural, biological terminators.

That’s not the scariest part. Humans are naturally nearly impossible to kill. Hugh Glass, an explorer in the early 1800s, not only survived being mauled by a grizzly (which he killed), but after being abandoned by fellow explorers was able to travel 200 miles to the nearest settlement with a broken leg and exposed ribs where the bear had torn his flesh open. Then, the guy recovered and kept exploring.

As a disclaimer, I am in no way encouraging anyone to purposefully get attacked by a grizzly bear. There are easier ways to become famous, such as reporting at a newspaper, or rescuing homeless kittens.

The greatest danger to humans is ourselves. Modern humans are plagued by heart disease and cancer, which alone contribute to over 40% of all American deaths every year. Both of these can be caused by one’s own activity; heart disease being caused by poor diet, and cancer being caused by smoking and exposure to carcinogens (note: genetics and other factors contribute to both of these conditions. I am not saying nor will I ever say that 100% of the cases of these diseases are the victims’ fault).

Luckily, the progression of technology and increasing advocation for healthier lifestyles are leading to longer life expectancy, and future generations could live for hundreds of years. While it sounds crazy, our average life expectancy has nearly tripled in the last 200 years. And because technology is accelerating at an exponential pace, humans may live almost indefinitely by the year 3000.

Until then, we can still split and fuse atoms with the push of a few buttons, we can still carve entire human faces into the sides of mountains, we can still make hundreds of tons of metal float on water and fly in the air, we can change the genetic makeup of living beings to suit our needs, we can send entire libraries of information across the world through airwaves, and we can still walk on the moon.

With that, I look forward to watching people demonstrate that amazingness by eating spoonfuls of cinnamon and coughing their lungs out on Youtube for the amusement of strangers on the internet.

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