It seems everyone has two cents to throw in on almost every hot topic in today’s society.

In the world of politics, everyone knows the state of our country. Everyone who says it’s broken knows how to fix it. Everyone who says it’s fine knows how to make it better. Everyone disagrees with the representatives they elected, everyone thinks they could do a better job (though few seem to step up to the plate), and every voting season, there’s only one correct candidate to fix the country’s problems.

With so many opinions, which one, if any, is right?

Ironically, by answering this question I would simply be throwing my two cents in, and resolving very little. Politically, very few change their stance on national issues, regardless of overwhelming evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Case in point, people believe the Earth to be flat, despite photographs, videos and the fact that there’s nothing to suggest that the Earth is any shape other than spherical.

Another example are those who insist that vaccines are poisons thrust upon children to do nothing but rake in money for “big pharma” and that we were better off without modern medicine.

It would be a waste of paper to list the numerous reasons why the Earth is round and why modern medicine does indeed help humanity.

No, arguing with the closed-minded is futile. On social media, evidence of that is rampant. Members of opposing parties will argue their viewpoints and often present few facts to back that viewpoint outside of “they heard something” or “they know someone who.” And when all else fails, calling each other “snowflakes” is, in their minds, the best way to get their opponent on their side.

I have yet to personally witness that strategy work.

How do we fix a closed-minded America? Unfortunately, I don’t know if we can. It’s not as simple as telling someone to stop being stubborn via a newspaper. Stubborn people that I know seem to embrace the attitude. It’s a sign of being “strong-willed.”

The problem with a strong will is how unreceptive it is to change and progress. Without that receptiveness, we’d still be in the Stone Age using flip phones and carrying boomboxes on our shoulders to go for a walk.

Maybe some day we can find a way to reach people who cling to distorted viewpoints and unjustified prejudice. In the meantime, let’s do the best we can with the cards we’re dealt, and stay open minded. Our species has done well being adaptable as we are.

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I think that its a very thought provoking last paragraph

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