The week before last, two events happened, one in a country across the ocean, one in our own state capital. In Manchester, England, a group of Islamic terrorists set off a nail bomb at a concert, killing 21 people. In St. Paul, H.F. 2621, a bill to further penalize female genital mutilation, which is practiced by many Muslim immigrants, faced strong opposition as it went from the House to the Senate.

On the face of it, it is utterly mystifying why leftist progressivism supports Islam. Progressivism is feminist – Islamic countries honor-kill women for dating without permission, mutilate their genitals and forbid them from getting an education, owning property or driving cars. Progressivism is pro-homosexual – in Islamic countries, homosexuals with adult partners have been thrown from rooftops. Progressivism claims to be in favor of freedom of expression and of the arts – Islamic countries outlaw criticism of Islamic teaching, tax or execute followers of other religions and forbid representational art. And yet, noticing the connection between Islam and terrorism is called racist and Islamophobic, and liberal politicians ensure thousands of Muslim migrants continue to pour into American and European cities. Corporations defend it strongly, with Facebook and Twitter censoring anti-Islam posts; and it’s the only religion taught and made allowances for in any public schools.

My theory is that it’s a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing. Both groups stand fiercely against Christianity. Not modernist Christianity, which holds all faiths to be equal and Jesus to have been one great teacher of humanity among many – several progressivists are OK with that – but traditional Christianity, which actually believes the articles of the Apostles' Creed and keeps the 10 commandments. Islam hates traditional Christianity because it holds God to be a Trinity and Jesus to be God the Son. Progressivism hates traditional Christianity because it holds sexual activity outside of marriage (which it maintains can only exist between a male and a female) to be wrong.

However, will this alliance last beyond the event of Islam gaining dominance? Sweden was a model for liberal governments around the globe, with its soft socialism and high standard of living. Now it has the highest number of rapes of any European country, mostly perpetrated by Muslim migrants. According to Dalarnas Tidningar, a Swedish media company which is in no way a “fake news” site, a Swedish 70-year-old woman possibly faces two years in prison for writing on Facebook that these migrants set cars on fire and defecate in the streets. Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine where 12 people were murdered by Islamic terrorists for a cartoon of Mohammed simply saying, “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing,” had shortly before featured a cartoon of the Trinity engaging in obscene acts. Their anti-Christian stance didn’t win them any mercy.

Islam is not just a religion but a political system. It is a religious mandate that when Muslims gain enough power in a nation, they are to impose some form of sharia law. If sharia were imposed, progressivists would have to pay jizya the same as everyone else.

Do you want to live under sharia?

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