The internet can certainly provide a lot of entertainment.

For example, try going a day on social media without a quiz, a fun question or a “fill in the blanks” questionnaire.

Most of these I tend to ignore, as I don’t really care what job I held in my previous life, or want people to know what my first crush was, or expose my friends to potential online hackers.

However, one particular “fun question” has been circling social media for several months now, and it’s given me the opportunity to present a quiz to the public.

“Describe your favorite movie in as boring a way as possible.” The possibilities are endless, and judging by some of the replies I’ve seen, it can prove to be a real stumper.

For example, this answer to the question needed the author to explain: “Tall man from Illinois goes to a theater.” After hearing the answer, it’s a “well, duh!” moment, but it’s also a good stumper.

So, I decided to take the question and run with it. The following are a bunch of great movies (not necessarily my favorites), described in as boring a way as possible.

Movie No. 1: A middle-aged man describes the moving of a zoo.

Movie No. 2: A teenaged boy makes a friend in the handyman of his apartment complex.

Movie No. 3: A young prodigy finds out who his father really is.

Movie No. 4: A man serves in the Army and then comes home to take over the family business.

Movie No. 5: The life of one outweighs the lives of the many.

Movie No. 6: Boy gets the girl. Boy loses father. Boy runs away. Boy gets the girl again.

Movie No. 7: Interstellar shippers run into a problem on scavenging run.

Movie No. 8: A black rectangle, ranging in size, proves to be important over time.

Movie No. 9: A son goes looking for his father – and a small bit of history.

Movie No. 10: An estranged man attends his wife’s Christmas party.

I’ll provide the answers for everyone at the end of next week’s column. Have fun!

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