DNR Enforcement report

• CO Taylor Hochstein (Hill City) continued to focus on firearms deer season activity. Ice has formed on most area lakes but recent warmer weather has made it unsafe and ice fishing is not suggested until the ice thickens. Assistance was given to local law enforcement agencies on calls for service. Violations included illegal party hunting, transporting loaded firearms in motor vehicles, ATV use during closed hours and ATV use off trail in a prohibited area.

• CO Bob Mlynar (Aitkin) worked deer hunting and trapping activity. TIP calls of dumped deer, trespass and after hours shooting were also investigated.

• CO Amber Ladd (McGregor) and COC Mikeena Mattson worked big game enforcement throughout the week. During the week, one hunter was encountered in his hunting stand after he had harvested and tagged a buck in a lottery deer permit area. Through conversation, the officers found that the hunter had borrowed a deer tag from another person who had not been hunting, and was not even in northern Minnesota when the buck was harvested. Though the hunter tried to continue to hunt after he had reached his limit, he was advised of the party hunting and lend/borrow laws. Enforcement action this past week was taken for lending/borrowing a license/tag, taking a deer overlimit, hunting deer over bait, no blaze orange, no license in possession, allowing or directing youth to violate game and fish laws, and CWD feeding/attractants ban violations.

• CO Gregory Verkuilen (Garrison) continued to work deer season by following up on baited areas, illegal stands and ATV complaints. A few duck hunters are persisting but having issues dealing with shore ice and chunks. The ice anglers checked were prepared to break through and convinced it wasn’t worth it to get back to fishing.

• CO Ashley Whiteoak (Malmo) spent time working deer firearms season. Enforcement action was taken for hunters transporting loaded firearms, operating an ATV during closed hours of the firearms season, various ATV violations, and trespassing. She also spent time following up on a wetland violation.

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