Nearly every watercraft I saw on the road this year had its drain plug pulled, with no aquatic vegetation hanging on.


Many anglers are still unaware of the requirement to drain bait water from containers before leaving lakes. Aquatic vegetation will be growing quickly with our warmer temps.

Tell your visiting holiday friends and relatives:  you are likely to see young wild animals while “up North.”  You can enjoy them from a distance, knowing parents are almost always nearby.  You should also keep an eye on your dogs so they don’t hurt the young wild animals.You also might see a turtle crossing the road and give them a brake, rather than try to run them over. We have the same burning regulations as you do, which restricts us to campfires with untreated wood, nothing else.

Know where the life jackets, throw cushion and the fire extinguisher are.  It is illegal to operate any of your motorized watercraft and ATVs under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Passengers will be much better help if they are sober than under the influence.

We enjoy having you come visit and want you to come back. So please be respectful and safe while you are here.

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