The 2019 bear season opened last Sunday, Sept. 1,

and runs through Sunday, Oct. 13. We are in permit area 51 and there were 900 permits available through a lottery. But, after the lottery, there were 102 surplus licenses that went on sale back in early August.

Successful bear hunters are required by law to submit two teeth from their bear for aging and population modeling purposes. This is very important information and for some reason a fair number of successful hunters do not comply. With this missing information, it is possible that the population model may be off and too many or too few permits will be available in future years.

When a bear is registered, also a requirement, you will be given an envelope along with instructions for submitting the sample. A hunter may register the bear on line but must still stop at a registration station for the tooth envelope.

Successful hunters that submit tooth samples by Nov. 1, will receive a Minnesota Bear Management Cooperator patch along with the age of the bear by May 1. Failure to submit the sample at all or on time is a violation.

From reports I’ve heard, it sounds like baiting is going pretty well and if the acorns falling holds off, hunters should do quite well. I certainly hope they have success to cut down on nuisance bear complaints next year.

For those that think baiting is not fair and is an easy way to get a bear, I can tell you from experience this is not so. Many hours can be spent sitting over bait with no bears showing up. If baiting was not allowed, not very many bears would be taken and the population could not be managed.

Much success to the bear hunters and remember to submit the tooth sample.

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