This is typically called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The system will accept either key punch or voice (e.g., press or say “1”). Have a pencil or pen available to write down the confirmation number. To register a deer using the IVR system, follow the steps below which are also printed on your deer license.

Dial 1-888-706-6367, enter the Harvest Registration Number that appears on the license, which is a nine-digit number that links the individual and license type. The large bold number printed on your deer license, NOT your MDNR number is the correct number.

Enter the three-digit area where the deer was harvested. The system will only accept valid deer permit areas or special hunt numbers.

Enter the date the deer was killed.

Enter the type of deer – adult male, adult female, fawn male, fawn female.

Write the confirmation number provided on your license in the appropriate area.


Go to to register your deer.

Log in by selecting the proper search options.

When the customer profile appears, click on “Register A Harvest.”

Directions will be similar to phone registration above.

When the registration is complete, the customer will receive a confirmation number, which must be recorded on his/her license in the appropriate area.


This process is unchanged from previous years. Registration stations display large, orange “Big Game Registration” signs. The person whose tag is on the deer must personally present the deer at an official registration station and receive a big game possession tag. The tag must be attached to the hind leg, ear or antler where the site tag was attached. You can find a complete list of all stations at any DNR wildlife office or on the DNR website.


The site tagging regulations have not changed. Refer to the regulations book for site tagging information.

When the system asks for deer type, please enter the following:

Adult male – male deer with antlers at least 3” long.

Fawn male – a 6-month-old male deer, more commonly known as a “button buck” and weighs less than 75 pounds dressed.

Adult female – an adult doe at least 18 months old (over 75 pounds dressed weight) that typically has a longer nose and larger body than a younger antlerless deer.

Fawn female - a 6-month-old female deer that typically has a short nose and weighs less than 75 pounds dressed.

A harvest registration number can be used once. Multiple registrations using the same number cannot be accepted.

The license type will be recognized. A few examples of additional questions include: Regular Firearms License – Choose four deer types. The firearms season is consistent. Bonus Permits – Choose from three deer types (adult female, fawn male, fawn female). Choose the season (archery, firearm, muzzle loader). Disease Management Permit – Invalid - The deer must be registered in permit area 604.

Information from DNR website.

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